The Cutest Little Bunnies

I was checking out Facebook and something came up in the feed that showed these super cute bunnies made from pompoms….(Photo credit to

Look how cute they are!  I love crafting and I knew the childcare kids would love to play with them.  So…I got the stuff to make them.
Kayla was home an extra day or two over the weekend so she helped…they are so easy to make.  Here are the instructions.

We did ours a little different but very similar.

I did decide to buy the Clover Large Pom Pom Maker.  They were SO easy to use.  Kayla who doesn’t like gadgets even plans on buying a set after using them.  They were so slick.

When we tied the pompom we left an extra long length of yarn on each pompom.  Then Kayla tied the two poms together really tight.

I have childcare children that will actually play with these so we wanted to make them a little tougher.  Tying I think will help.

I used pony beads for eyes.  I used a Dritz 2-Piece Long Doll Needles, 5-Inch and sewed the beads on with it.

We hot glued in the tiny pink pompoms for noses and the medium sized white pompoms for tails.  We skipped the whiskers.

The original pattern put the ears in the middle of the head pompom.  We opted to put the ears between the head and body pompoms.  I also sewed these in using the Dritz 2-Piece Long Doll Needles, 5-Inch.

I was just finishing up the last bunnies when Kelli came home this weekend.  She said, “Mom, could we make a couple more?  I want to give them to Jason’s niece and nephew for Easter”…so then I made two more.

We have a whole basket full ready for the kids to play with.   I hope the kids love them as much as I do!


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