The Cupboard Swap

Two weeks ago, Hubby and I got away for a couple days.  For us going away means a hotel room, a little restaurant food and some antique shopping..oh and a trip to Lowes.

Our first day antiquing we were a little bothered that nothing caught our eye-nothing at all-not even something out of price range.  The next day was just the opposite.  I have said on the blog several times that we are looking for a Hoosier type cupboard.  We found a Seller’s cupboard and we found a baker’s cupboard.  Here is the baker’s cupboard.


Hubby really liked it and had me almost convinced to purchase it but for me, it had three things wrong with it.
1.  The drawers didn’t sit quite straight.
2.  It was made of maple wood.
3.  The original owner cut the right corner off the front.  UGH!

We kept that in mind but continued on our antique journey in Marion, Iowa.

At the next shop we found a cupboard and a dresser we liked.  Now the debate…where will they go in the house.  Do we really need it??  Oh, and if we buy them both, is there a bargain price??  Yep..there was a bargain price and that bargain price was very reasonable.  The dresser will probably go with the bed we bought not to long ago…I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

The cupboard however, wasn’t a Hoosier and it wasn’t a baker’s cupboard.  So where could it go.  Hubby really wanted the cupboard.  He loves dark oak..well I do too.  I said, how about we put it in the utility room and put the extra appliances that don’t fit in the kitchen in the cupboard.  Right now we just have an metal opened shelf so we could use something else.  Really fast Hubby said, “Perfect.”  I knew at that point he just wanted the cupboard (period).  So we bought it.


As we were driving home he kept saying, “That cupboard is really too nice to put in the utility room….it just too nice.  No one would see it in the utility room.”  By the time we got home he was convinced it would fit in the back entry way.  I knew it wouldn’t but played along.  Finally he said, “Do you suppose we could put it in the kitchen?”

So…that’s where it is.  In the kitchen-in the exact place I want to put that Hoosier cupboard that we just can’t seem to find.  He promised that it doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a Hoosier.  We’ll find a new spot for this if we ever do find a Hoosier.

Well then we had the next problem…where to put the cupboard that was in the kitchen.  Solution…the sewing room.  It is now my new cutting table.  Yes…I still don’t have everything cleaned up from the cupboard swap..thus the mess.

Hubby trimmed two inches off the cutting mat to make it fit the surface but I am okay with that.

The kitchen cupboard has more space but takes up a smaller amount of room.  The cupboard in the sewing room takes up a smaller space than the table that was there and gives me more places to set stuff…it was a win-win all around!

It was a fun day and we got a piece of furniture we love.  Although that baker’s cupboards was nice, I think we made the right decision for us.

Today I am hooking up with Vintage Thingy Thursday.

16 thoughts on “The Cupboard Swap”

  1. I think the shelves behind the glass doors of the oak cabinet would look great storing finished quilts…someday after you find that Hoosier you’re looking for! Thanks for sharing the beautiful antiques with us.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun and it was a profitable trip to boot! I always love our quick get a ways – so nice and relaxing. We don’t go antique shopping but I do try to stop at an LQS or LNS if possible.

  3. Love that oak cabinet! I would take the baker too for DH though. He needs a place for his baking stuff!! I can see how that cutting table works a lot better to love all the small drawers!

  4. Hi Jo,
    My husband has been wanting to get me a Hoosier cupboard for a really long time and we have not found one yet either, they must be hard to find. I really like your new cupboard.

  5. There were two of those tall kitchen cupboards left behind by the previous occupants in the house my family lived in when I was in high school. One was actually full of stuff they left behind. A square glass cake pan, rolling pin & an over-sized pie pan, all of which I still have, came from that cupboard. I once found a WONDERFUL Hoosier cupboard in a long-out-of-business antique shop in O’Neill, NE. Unfortunately, the price was huge and my house was too small to have a place for it. I still regret not finding a way to get it.

  6. I love that you got a cutting table out of it! I need to get rid of the TV cabinet in my sewing rm, it’s just too big, as is the TV that is in it. one of the old huge one’s. I don’t watch enough TV in there for it to die, guess I’ll have it forever. The cabinet was so big that we had to take it apart to get it in to the rm. I’ll probably have to sledge hammer it to get it out!

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