The Cupboard in the Garage

If you read the title of the blog post and are a regular blog reader I bet you’re wondering how I’m coming along with stripping my white cupboard…but you’d be wrong.  This time I am talking about my antique cupboard that Hubby bought. If you missed the story about it, you can read it here.

Anyway with my wrist laid up I’m suppose to stay away from repetitive motion for a bit so being I couldn’t work on the white cupboard..I decided to work on this one.    This task is much easier. You can see from the picture above that there are lots of discoloration spots near the drawer pulls.  From the picture below you can see paint splotches on the cupboard too.

Neither one of us were happy with the condition of the top either.  We knew all these things when we bought it and were okay with them even if they stayed in the same condition…but why not give cleaning them up a try.

I knew most of the things I might be able to fix but the counter top oil stains..I knew there was little to for that but lets at least make them no so noticeable.

Well a little Howard Restor-A-Finish Dark Oak , some sandpaper and a rag and I was in busy.  For the paint splotches I just sanded VERY lightly with 180 grit sandpaper.  Then I dipped the rag in the Restor-A-Finish and wiped it over the spot.  I works miracles!!  On all the places where there were scratches and wear marks I used it too.

Figuring out how to handle the top counter was more of a challenge.  Several times I asked Hubby about what he suggested.  He said he didn’t know.  (I actually think he was nervous to screw it up)  He went on an errand and I decided to just tackle it.  I took the sander and sanded it down the best I could first using 60 then 100 then 180 grit sandpaper.  From there I applied a really-really fast walnut stain.

I wasn’t able to get the oil stains out but my oh my it looks pretty good…actually in my eyes, it looks great!!

Can you see why I love Howard Restor-A-Finish Dark Oak !!  I am done with the outside.  The inside of the cupboard doors are painted.  I need to give them a coat of paint yet but I’m waiting for a night when Hubby is in the field for that.  I think it will be chalk paint….I can get a harder finish with that.  I was glad to have this to do while my wrist heals….I’m off to look for a couple other projects to tackle.

12 thoughts on “The Cupboard in the Garage”

  1. What did you use for all that sanding? I do believe you were to be resting your wrist. Please be careful and give your wrist a chance to heal. The cabinet looks good but I hope your actions do not further irritate your Carpal tunnel.

  2. I love this cupboard – I love anything that has lots of little drawers, handles, doors – and you did a great job cleaning and staining it :)

  3. It’s beautiful!! I have an antique teacher’s desk that is my sewing table and I am dying to refinish it. And all because of the work you show us here! Thanks for sharing.

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