The Cresco Quilters meet the Ohio Quilters

I got a message from Sandra.  She’s one of the ladies who picks up fabric from here and takes it home to her group, and they make charity quilts.  Much of the fabric I send is stuff you all have sent to me.  Sometimes it’s leftovers from a quilt project.  Sometimes it’s just random fabric or panels.  Whatever I send, the ladies are thrilled to get.

Well Sandra said she had quilt tops that she was happy to pass on to me if I could find a home for them.  I said sure.  Then I quick contacted Celesta (the lady who does the baby quilts for children in Tanzania and asked if she was interested in getting more tops.  She said YES!

So Sandra delivered the quilts in a HUGE heavy box and that evening I boxed them up to send to Celesta in Ohio.  While I was boxing I snapped a couple pictures.  This is only a small sampling as there there 46 in the box.  YES!!  46 tops.  Celesta is thrilled…I’m thrilled.  Look at the good that is happening!!

The ladies in Cresco sort and use whatever is sent.  They aren’t picky and do a great job bringing the miscellaneous pieces together to make quilts.  Here’s a flannel one…

I’m guessing this one was made from quilt leftovers…Don’t you think?
Here’s an easy one…just lots of similar colored blocks sewn together.  This is exactly what the ladies who are making the Tanzania quilt need.
Check this one out…see the dog in the design?
What a great idea for a panel.
HELLO striped fabric.  Do you think this was quilt leftovers?
I know I sent along the train fabric to them.

Things don’t have to be fancy to be useful….but the ladies manage to make the quilts cute too.

A big shout out to the Cresco ladies and Sandra for their work in putting these together.  A big shout out to the ladies in Ohio working to complete them.  A big shout out to the people in Tanzania who will be distributing them.  Of course…a shout out to you have donated fabric….and to the people who donated money to get these things all transported through the mail.  I’m so happy to be a link in the chain.

If you have a group that is working on projects like this, I’d love to feature you here on the blog.  Please drop me an email, send pictures and tell me about your group.  I’ll happily feature you here and hopefully blog readers will support your group like they have been supporting Sandra’s and Celesta’s. People often want to give and donate but often don’t know how.  Let’s help them find places!!  Email me at

9 thoughts on “The Cresco Quilters meet the Ohio Quilters”

  1. What a wonderful collection of quilt tops. I think sometimes we get so caught up with what matches perfectly or if the squares are perfect or whatever else needs to be perfect, we forget how important a quilt can be to someone.

  2. What a wonderful circle of quilting blessings! I love how it all happens with such giving of talents, time and $. Thank you for sharing this story with us, it makes me happy.

  3. Jo, you sent a blog on your daughter’s dog but some of us did not get the second page. Coulld you tell us the outcome?

  4. Thank you Cresco Quilters, we love your quilt tops and we’re impressed with what you’re doing with donated fabrics, you’re so creative. We’re a little overwhelmed with the quantity, but we’re working hard at turning them into quilts for the babies of Tanzania. Thank you so much for your help, we all appreciate your hard work! The Ohio Quilters!

    1. Betty…I’ve wondered the same thing. You can see why I need to keep busy to keep them supplied!! Others give them goodies too!

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