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It’s been some time since there has a been a Craig and Jo episode here on the blog.  Since Craig started working on the farm, he’s typically working on the weekend and there isn’t a lot of time to do anything extra.  Also, we have gotten a lot of the things done around here.  Of course, there is always something we could do but nothing urgent.

You might remember that I bought this old piece for my entertainment center before Covid….

(I’m requesting that you not leave any comments about mounting the television on the wall.  It’s on my list but I have to afford a new television first.  I think I’ve talked about it long enough that the kids have it on their radar for me for Christmas/Birthday.)

I’ve wanted to put a back on this old piece with cubby holes ever since I bought it.  I almost didn’t buy it as there wasn’t a back.  I put blocks and small toys in some of the bins.   The kids’ napping stuff goes in here too.   With no back, as time goes on, some of the toys sift their way to the back of the bin and fall out the back.  It’s a pain.  Plus I have wanted to hide the cords and in general, just make it look neater…another reason I want a wall mount television too.

I can stand things so long and then I just can’t anymore.  Enough is enough and I want all the projects done.  That was what happened Labor Day weekend.  I finally quit feeling sorry for myself that Kramer isn’t here to do all the things for me, pulled up my big girl pants, and started doing the things I can do.  So on Labor Day weekend, I decided it was time to start on the project.

So I had the local lumber yard set out lumber for me and had Karl pick it up.  Karl cut the boards for me.  (check out my new vanity for the downstairs bathroom that the boards are sitting on!!)

I stained them…

…and on Sunday….
Craig put them on the back of the entertainment center for me.

Here he has one more board to put on way at the end.  Didn’t I do a good job matching the stain color??  I was so proud of myself.  I mixed a red oak and a dark walnut stain to get this.

The boards look like they have been on there forever.  Here is one hole that doesn’t have the board on the back yet.  Can you see how much better it looks with the backing boards?

I can’t help but chuckle when I look at it and think what the old farmer who owned this would have thought to see it in my living room.  I know it’s not the look many want but oh my, I love it!  It’s old and crusty and perfectly functional.  It checks off all the boxes for me especially now that it has a back.

I want to sort and reorganize to get the things on the shelves a little neater looking.  I think I need a couple of baskets but I don’t shop much so it likely won’t happen real soon but little by little it will happen.

After that, Craig fixed my icemaker (we think) and put the new tire on my wheelbarrow.  He was going to texture behind the toilet in the downstairs bathroom but we couldn’t find the stuff to do it.

It turned out okay as just about then Gannon decided he wanted a nap so they all went home…and came back later for supper.

I’m so happy.  Happy enough that I started another project.  I’ll show you that another day though.

18 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show”

  1. I too had a moment of “I’m just going to do it and see how it goes!” I used some E-6000 and glued together a small lampshade that broke in our last move….ten years ago. It looks great! Now to move that lamp back into the living room and put the shades and lightbulbs back in it. Since no grandkids are visiting us just now, I don’t have to worry about them hitting the lamp and breaking it all over again.
    Your project looks just great – you matched that stain perfectly! So impressive.

  2. I like Lynn’s comment they way your baskets would fit and be exactly what would look great in the shelves. Your eye for color is very good great job matching the front.

  3. I can’t believe how well that stain matches! I am not a fan of shelving without a back, even with no little kid toys around.

  4. When we built a new house 2 years ago, we put a Samsung Frame TV over our fireplace. It looks like a framed piece of art when it’s not on, and it mounts flush against the wall. We love it!

  5. Love your entertainment center! It works for you, it’s practical and that’s what’s important! My sister and I were talking about bathroom remodels. I was telling her what I wanted for a tub and she told me the soaker tubs are the in thing right now! Well I don’t want a soaker tub! I don’t follow the trends but what works for my family!

  6. Nice work on matching the stain. The whole project actually. I’m not sure I’d have the inside left dark though. For my eyes a light color would make it easier to see what’s in the cubbies. Although depending on what’s in them, hard to see might not be a bad thing. Just my preference, not a criticism on your results! A while back I saw a TV that instead of wall mount, the stand had a center part that extended upward to hold the TV mount and hide the cords. I thought that was a cool idea, especially for those who can’t drill holes (renters) or like to rearrange the room frequently.

  7. I forgot to add, next time you need lumber for a project, check if the local lumberyard can cut it for you. If so, it’s one less thing to hold up starting a project.

  8. I like to cover scratches with OLD ENGLISH scratch cover. It works great for a quick cover up, and then I use furniture polish for a nice shine. Your entertainment stand looks great.

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