The Craig and Jo Show: Sewing Room Updates

I told you a long time ago that I was going to tackle my sewing room and really get it organized.   This all started about the time Covid struck this spring.  I did a lot then but then stalled out.  I was stuck on where to go next.

Then Lori Holt did a video on how she was redoing her sewing room (watch that HERE) I was so inspired I started fixing my sewing room again.

I was trucking along really good and then more Covid hit and Buck, who was going to help me put together an island with a countertop, shouldn’t come to my house.  Covid in Iowa is terrible.

So I was stuck again.

Then I saw that some local junking ladies were having their junk sale.  That was just what I needed.  I’ve been scouring for sale sites looking for a dresser but didn’t see anything that I thought would work.

The gals showed a preview of their sale….  I’m just showing you a few pictures.

You can see that there were a lot of dressers.  This one was my favorite.

This is only a small sampling of the photos they had of their preview.  I was so wanting to go.  With Covid as it was, I knew I really shouldn’t go.  But, DARN, I wanted to go.

The sale opened at noon on Thursday.  I knew it would be so busy.  UGH.  This is really the best sale around.  Everything is reasonably priced.  Oh, I was so mad at Covid.

Kelli came over on Friday and I told her about my frustration.  Then we got talking about it and decided that we would go.  We decided we thought being this was the second day of the sale, the crowds would be gone.  If we went and there were a lot of cars, we just wouldn’t go in.  So off we went.  It’s only about 15 minutes away.

I was so excited when we got there because…There were only four other cars there.  We could EASILY social distance.  YES.  PERFECT.  We masked and sanitized and in we went.

The green dresser was gone.  I ended up buying the white one in the picture below on the far left under the old wooden filing system.  The drawers moved easily.  I’ll be painting it the darker gray.  The handles are so cool and it was only $50.  PERFECT!!  I was so excited.

We quickly left and sanitized again.  There was other stuff there but I was trying to be good and I wanted to make sure I was buying EXACTLY what I wanted and not just stuff that might work.

The sale was still going on the next day and the gals running sale showed pictures again.  They had sold out of so much stuff and restocked.  Seriously, a person could go to the sale all three days and see new stuff as they constantly restock.

In the new set of pictures, they replaced the dresser I bought with this one.  I was reminded again of the red piece with the cans.  I had seen that the day before.  I really loved it but I couldn’t think of anywhere for it go.  Bummer.  I went back to my quilting machine and got busy with the quilts I was doing for the school kids.

That’s when I looked up and thought “OH MY WORD”.  I think I know where I could put that shelf with the cans.  I could put it by my quilting machine.  Well, then I started debating.  How big was it actually?  Then I started doing some estimations.  I got out the tape measure.  Hmm.  DARN.  I wanted that shelf with the cans.  AHHH!!  Why didn’t I buy the day before??

So, I checked the time.  I was getting near closing time.  I bet they weren’t busy.  I didn’t need to look.  I just needed to go in and get out and buy the shelf.  I decided to go.  Thankfully it was still there.  Again, I was as careful as can be.

I got it home and carried it upstairs.

See where my quilt is, I wanted to put it there.

Craig, my son in law, was home alone.  His parents had the boys and Kalissa was at work.  He’s such a great guy offered to help me with a couple of projects and I knew exactly what I wanted him to do.  HANG MY SHELF…and he did.

Craig also hung a curtain rod and fixed my ice maker.  I seriously love that guy.  He’s such a help.

I ended up finding some clear matte paint and spray painted the inside of the cans.  They were a little rusty and I didn’t want rust on my stuff.

The next day I was up in the sewing room admiring the change.

Yep.  I really like it.  I was so glad I bought it.  I was so excited to finish decorating and organizing the space.

I was being good and remembered I am a blogger and I do need to write blog posts so rather than finish doing that, I came downstairs to write a couple of blog posts, in fact, I started writing this post.

That’s when I went to load pictures and saw that red little cabinet.  It was tin and I vaguely remember seeing it the day before at the sale.  Hmm.  I wonder if they still had it.  DANG.  The sale was over.

I wanted that cabinet.  AHH.

So I ended up messaging that gal who operates the sale and asked if it was there and if they would mind selling it to me.

She said sure….She’d come over and open it up.  So she did and I went and bought it.

This is the start of how this wall is looking…  I have more to do and I’m sure it will change a little as more things fall into place.  For now, I am already loving it so much…SO MUCH.

My color theme for the room is gray and red with dark brown wood.  These pieces fit perfectly and they are very functional…cute yet provide nice storage.

So for curious minds…The dresser was $50.  The shelf was $37 and the red cabinet was $27.  I’m thrilled with the prices and thrilled with the look.

I need to paint the dresser yet and do some more organizing but little by little, I am liking it more and more.

Do you see that big black picture frame at the top of the shelf with the cans?  That wool applique piece I’ve been working on fits in that frame.  Now I really want to get that done.

Getting my sewing room this much further was such a treat.  I’m trying so hard to be patient…I’m down to needing the dresser painted and in place and need the island to be put in.  Then of course all the reorganizing that comes with that.  All I know, is I’m loving it!!

24 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: Sewing Room Updates”

  1. I’m loving your room! Those pieces go perfect in that corner. And that shelf with the cans-I might just have to come up with something similar.

  2. I am SEW glad you went back for that shelf, Jo. I absolutely LOVE it!!! The sewing room is really starting to come together. We have a place like that here in NC, but the prices are nearly as good. :o((

  3. I love what you are doing in your sewing room!! The shelf with the cans are just great love the idea! You can pick out any furniture for me and I would love it. Great taste you have. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Love the style of your sewing room. Glad for you.
    I also love the jumping rabbits and basket wall hanging. Could you tell me where I could get the pattern.

  5. Oh my word, I see so many pieces I would have purchased from the sale. I wish I lived close to you. Your sewing room is really coming along nicely and the suspense of seeing the finished product is killing me! It is kind of nice to be taking your time as the perfect pieces just seem to show up when least unexpected. I want a “Craig” in my life. You are so blessed to have him. Good things are happening in the Kramer house!!

    1. Yes I did Jean. It’s going to featured twice in the upcoming mail call and in finished quilts for the school kids. I finished two you sent this way!! THANKS.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I love the way you’re doing your room. That wall by your long arm is just about perfect in every way. Color combinations and all. What a Way to fly with decorating.
    I would love to shop at that “junk” store as I need another dresser. I’ve reorganized my sewing corner and have things just about put away where I want them. So much stuff that’s needed and so little storage. No complaint I’m getting it worked out.

  7. Love the things you bought. And so cheap too! Red always makes a statement and I love touches of it in a room. You are slowly getting your quilting room together just perfect. Glad you are taking safety precautions when shopping, this virus is so incredibly dangerous.

  8. Oh boy is that room coming along. Great finds!!!! absolutely love the pails in the shelves. I know how hard it is to be patient till it all comes together. Keep up the hard work it will get there.

  9. Besides all the work Jo you are having fun and enjoying it. And being so productive all at the same time. All great pieces you bought.

  10. I love the new shelf and using those old tin cans is such a great idea. How wonderful that Craig was able to help you out. I look forward to seeing more of your sewing space as you get more of it done.

  11. Oh how I wish I could be there and buy the 3 burner cook stove, in the photo with the large yellow storage cabinet. We had one years ago on the farm, when I was a kid, and it sure brought back memories. I would have loved seeing each and everything in that store. You have a lot of good items and I love what you are doing with your sewing room. Good job Jo

  12. Sounds like your brain works like mine. Try to be good and talk myself out of spending money. Then it just keeps tickling in the back of my brain and pretty soon I’m chiding myself for not having just gotten what I had reluctantly passed by.

    It feels so good when a plan comes together and everything fits just right! Your room is looking great!

    You have mentioned in the past, that the room is dark and I have wondered about the color on this room’s walls. I know it looks period or era perfect but might not a lighter shade work better at bouncing light around the room?

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