The Craig and Jo Show: Planter Boxes

I told you that Craig and I had a big day of fix ups around the outside of my house on the 6th.  Kalissa had worked the overnight and Craig was looking for a way to keep him and the boys out of her hair so she could sleep…so he came to my house and helped with projects.

First it was the new pole with the no maintenance sleeve and hanging baskets….

Then is was the landscaping along the southwest corner of my house….

Then Craig said anything else???  I told him a couple long term projects.  I want to power wash and paint the back garage.  I won’t be upset if it waits until next spring but it is needing help.  We need to shingle it too so it can wait until then.  The kids have offered to pitch in and shingle it for me but with Buck and Lora building a house, he’d prefer it if we could wait…so I likely will.

I told him I’d like to landscape around the fuel tank.  Right now it looks unfinished after everything else looks so good.  We didn’t have the supplies for that though.

Then we came around to the front of the house.  I showed him something that has been bothering me since we built the porch….this….Not Carver…the space on the sides of the steps.  I wish the steps would have went all the way to the house and I wish they would have extended the width of the steps.

This next to the house was what was bothering me the most.  I always felt like me or one of the childcare kids was going to accidentally fall in there.

I told Craig I never got around to asking Kramer to make a planter box for there but I had always intended on asking him.

I didn’t know quite the right design but immediately Craig said YES!!  His idea was to make stair step planter boxes and have them mimic the stairs.  YES!!  I loved that idea.

So we went to the back garage and found some composite boards that matched my front plants and just like that Craig was busy.  By now we had ate lunch and it was naptime for Carver.  I took him upstairs and he got one of his favorite treats…to nap in Grandma’s bed.

I came downstairs and Craig was making a second planter.   He wanted one to flank each side of the stairs.  I LOVED the idea.

A bit later Craig took the boys and left.  I went to town to get plants.  UGH.  There was nothing left.  This is a very shaded spot and Impatiens are about the only flower that will work here.  They had none.

Sunday I went to a bridal shower with Kalissa and then we went to town the other direction and ended up finding some poor looking hanging baskets that were 75% off.  I bought four and spent $12.

I ended up using one hanging basket in each planter.  Normally I don’t think I would have needed that many plants but these roots were so intertwined that I thought it best to leave them together.

I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

There was no color selection left so I have two whites, a solid pink and a variegated pink.  It’s okay…I was happy to find that much.

Aren’t the planters cute???

After everything was planted I thought I would snap a couple photos so you could see how everything looks….

Aren’t the step planters AWESOME…I can’t believe how nice it looks.  I’m super proud of the work Craig did on this.  Seriously, I only had the initial idea and the supplies.  Craig had the finished idea and was all of the brains and brawn of the project.  I couldn’t be happier.

I snapped a few more pictures….

Here I am standing near the new post for the hanging baskets that we just put in.

Here is how the plants have grown from when we did the project along the north side of the house…

That is when we did the part wood chips and part landscaping.  Here’s the picture from May.

The only things left I really want to do with is to do with it yet is to find a top to the bird bath base Connie gifted me and to find a plant that will grow on that wire trellis.  It has to be a shade plant.  Any suggestions on where I can find a bird bath topper and what plant will grow there?  I’d love some hints.

I am so happy with how the outside of the house looks.  Each time Craig helps me with something I can’t help but wish Kramer could see it.  Oh my…he would love it.  So I’m trying really hard that with any projects like this rather than be sad he can’t see them, be happier than ever…happy enough to cover the both of us.

As always…Enough thanks can’t be said for Craig!!

41 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: Planter Boxes”

  1. Home Depot sells the tops and bottoms separate. You may want to take the bottom to be sure the topper fits.

  2. The flowers and plants around your house are all so pretty! The 2-tier planter boxes on each side of the steps were a great idea. Craig did a great job. I bet Kramer’s smiling in heaven and saying, “Yep, that boy’s a keeper.”

  3. Craig is a wonder and a wonderful SIL! Great idea to buy the hanging baskets as they look like they have been growing in the step planters all season! A huge change from May and so beautiful!

  4. Those planters are perfect!!!
    I love autumn clematis. It has tiny white flowers that bloom in August. They smell wonderful too. They do really well in shade or sun. I have some starts…I would give them to you but not sure they would make it in the mail.
    Your landscaping looks beautiful!!

  5. Those planters are AWESOME. Kudos to Craig’s creativity and handiwork. And good job on the plant sale. They really look fantastic. I’m one who doesn’t love everything exactly the same so me likey! :-)

  6. Craig sure is a keeper. Those planter boxes are just the ticket. Perfect for the space. The hanging basket plants look like they have been there all along. Great looking project.

    Kramer knows what has been done and is there right beside you. So his happiness is shining right through you.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  7. I agree with Linda…Kramer is smiling down from heaven saying how lucky you are to have such a great son-in-law!

  8. I say a purple clematis would be pretty on the trellis. Kramer does see all that is happening at the home place. Your planters are very nice and pretty flowers too.

  9. Jo,
    Kramer is standing there right beside you, he is the breeeze you feel. He is admiring the work you and Craig have done and is happy to see how you are continuing to remember him. You have a great family with lots of talent!

  10. Think about confederate Jasmine it has a wonderful smelling flower, as the fine for your trellis !! I love passing by on a spring day and have the fragrance waft by !!

  11. All your landscaping is so, so beautiful!!! Can I borrow Craig? How special that you and he enjoy working together.

  12. Not trying to push the season, but, I can see evergreen stuck in those new planters around Christmas time. Oh, my! Next Spring, you can get what you really want early on when the selection is prime. Everything is looking great!

  13. The planter boxes are very nice. In the fall when you pull out the flowers you could put pumpkins on top of the dirt. Clematis would be great.

  14. Jeanie Stufflebeam, sw Illinois

    That Craig is a real treasure, but you and Kalissa already knew that! The planters look great, and it is so nice you and Craig work so well together with the same goal in mind. You are making wonderful memories for Carver.

  15. Wow, Jo that Craig’s is definitely a Keeper. I love what you have accomplished with all your landscaping. Great work.

  16. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love the planters!! Craig is awesome!!! Your whole yard looks so lovely and complements your home. Yours is the front porch I would love to spend time on!

  17. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Jo having often felt my loved ones who have passed on close by I know Kramer is still walking close to you and your family. He has joined your guardian angels. He rejoices at all your successes. I’ll add a special photo on your Facebook page to show you how blessed I was when my granddaughter who was stillborn visited her baby brother the summer he was one.

    You’re allowed to feel these moments are bittersweet as you accomplish the things you planned to do together in life, but Kramer will always be beside you and on occasion you will feel his presence

  18. Elizabeth V K

    Your planters and flower beds look fabulous. Craig is skilled, creative and caring- a wonderful combination.

  19. Beautiful! What a super SIL Craig is! And handy! And handsome! I’m with the others….I’m with the others…..Roger is definitely looking down and smiling…not only at how great everything is looking, but at how well you all are doing! Fantastic Family, Jo!

  20. Donna Pheneger

    Craig is amazing – what a blessing that he will come right over and help with everything!
    Your home is gorgeous! Your neighbors must be so jealous!
    And don’t worry – I’m sure Kramer is looking down and smiling.
    Love and prayers.

  21. Great job you two! Your famiy has always been a wonderful source of companionship and support. I think the colors you got worked out perfect — the two baskets of white frame the top of the stairs, the dark pink on the right links up with the dark pink flowers on your side border and the varigated pink is a combo of both. It’s so great when you can get a project like that accompished!

  22. Everything looks Wonderful!! But… I can just see some child taking a run off the end of the porch, leaping over the yellow flowers in the small planter box there on the end. That spot might need a future project. The rest looks like Great Landscaping!! Congratulations!

  23. Part of the joy of heaven just has to be feeling the joy of off the ones left here. Good work on the landscaping. It’s lovely reading about it and seeing the pictures. You don’t brag, you express how blessed you are and that blesses us.

  24. Stearns Carol

    What a beautiful home! I bet all the neighbors drive by just to see how pretty it is! And with the American Flag, it is so patriotic! Thank you for the Crag and Jo Show!

  25. Wow! Craig is the best! He really needs to be a landscape artist!!! Your yard looks like it should be in Better Homes & Gardens!!! I believe Kramer does see what is going on and is loving it!!!

  26. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Your home is beautiful! It looks so polished. Amazing work Craig and you do together. Roger would like the results and how Craig has helped you complete these little projects. Good feelings for both of you. Roger is smiling down on you both!

    So glad you have a life full of family and daycare kids. You are showing us all how to keep going. So happy that you have found/ remembered things that make you happy!

  27. SusanfromKentucky

    Craig is the best! Your yard must be the most decorated around. If you want something other than a birdbath on top of the base, you could always get a gazing ball.

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