The Craig and Jo Show: Outside Updates

Several years ago I had a series of sorts sharing projects that my son-in-law Craig helped me with.  It’s been a bit since I’ve had a post…but today I do.  Craig is our youngest daughter Kalissa’s husband.

I had told you in a previous post that Kalissa’s family and I went together and bought a power washer.  Friday was my day to use it.  Craig got the powerwasher set up and going.  Then he did some of the high spots.

Look how nasty the north side of the house had gotten.

Craig quickly handed the powerwasher over to me and he started fixing the sandbox.

I got busy on… the white privacy fence.  It was nasty too.  I had quit using it to hang quilts on.  Now it’s fresh and tidy.

From there I started on the wood bench on the patio.

Look at the difference.  You can see on the bottom left it’s cleaned.


I was just amazed…and WET…very wet.

From there, I moved to the front of the house.  I did the north side of the house.  I did the front porch and bench there.  I did the sidewalk along the north side of the house.  I did the front of the garage.  WOW.  I had no idea that the house had gotten so grubby.

As I finished that up I went to the back of the house to find this…Craig had removed the old tire sandbox and trimmed up my willow tree.  It looks so much better.  I was just gitty with joy at how nice the house looked and the great improvements Craig had made.

Here is the big pile of branches that got trimmed from the tree.

Craig hauled all of the branches away.

This is the new sandbox….not filled with sand yet.  Craig had the idea to add another board to the sides of the area to contain the sand a little better.

From there Craig started power washing the playset.  He did the high parts.

WOW.  I sure appreciated the help.  I don’t like heights.

The difference still amazes me.

Carver wanted to point out the difference so I could show you…HA!

I did the bottom of the playset while Craig left to get sand.  The local concrete company here gives free sand to people filling sandboxes.  Thanks so much to them for that!!  Craig got a big load filling their sandbox and mine.

They gave us a lot of sand.  WOW.  Poor Craig shoveled off all of that by hand.

So now my job is to fix the spot where the tire sandbox was.

Craig rolled the old tire to the back of my garage.  I ended up contacting someone and asked if they wanted it.  They do so now I don’t have to worry about getting rid of that.

My work isn’t finished.  I have the playset to stain…and the bench at the back of the house…and the bench at the front of the house…and the pillars on the front porch to paint.

Isn’t that how life goes?  You get one thing finished and then another thing has to get done.  It’s okay.  I actually really love having projects.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you already know that about me.

Here is the update on how everything looks.

I’m just tickled.  That sandbox area looks so much nicer and the playset has improved simply with power washing.

Craig is so great to me and I so appreciate him.

17 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: Outside Updates”

  1. Everything looks awesome. We started using “Wet and Forget” on our house. It eats the mold and dirt so you don’t have to power wash so much. You just spray it on and leave it. We got it at Lowes of Home Depot.

  2. Craig is a blessing for you. Jo! You two work well as a team. Your place will be shiny clean and you can check those items off your to do list. L

  3. I said this over on Kalissa’s blog yesterday: An amazing family, that Kramer clan Hugs to you.

    Ya’ll are there for each other and work together so well. I wish you an AMAZING week Jo!

  4. It looks so nice and will only improve after staining! I’m about to start a big outdoor project within the next couple weeks. I’m both dreading and looking forward to it haha!

  5. withthe water challenges California has, we are still putting off the purchase of a power washer. There is just something so grand feeling about having things cleaned …

  6. Beryl in Owatonna

    WOW!! It looks so nice!!
    Your family is a blessing to many and an example how families should be. I have a brother who is such a blessing for me, so I know how you appreciate Craig.

  7. We find mold on our siding because of the humidity here in TN. We use a product called Mold Armor and we buy it at Lowes. Its great on fabric, plastic, brick, siding etc. We apply it with a hand sprayer, wait a few minutes and then we power wash it off. Doing it in 2 steps makes it easier since we both can get it done quickly. You can buy it premixed and you attach your garden hose to it. You are so lucky to have Caig to give you a hand with this big job and I know how much I hate heights so sweet of him to do those spots. Your home looks wonderful with all your flowers and its going to be marvelous when you get the new stain applied. Home ownership is just grand.

  8. Nice job trimming the willow. They like a gentle hand.
    We had a house in the neighborhood with a big beautiful willow. When it sold the new owners didn’t know how to trim it and hacked it up. After a few years of looking awful it died—of embarrassment I imagine. I miss it still.

  9. You did great with that power washer! I’ve never used one, but has to be a little fun like playing with the hose. I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful blue sky. You had a perfect day to do that chore. Wonderful that Craig helps like that and also that Kalissa spares him! lol

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