The County Fair

Early last week I got a message from Buck that he was hoping someone could help him out with childcare for the weekend.  Lora worked and he needed to work on their new house.  The kids are at a bad age to tag along.  I had some stuff going on but I figured if us who live in the north, Kalissa, Kelli, Karl and I teamed up we could provide childcare for the weekend.

Saturday Kalissa, Craig, Kelli and I took them to county fair.  We have a great fair.  Entrance to the fair is free.  Rides for the carnival are free.  They don’t have great or exciting rides but there is something for everyone and that’s nice.

We had all the grandkids with…Georgia.

and Gannon.

and the boys.

First up the boys rode on the puppy ride…Lucy was too short.

and then the dragon ride.  Being they were so young they had to have an adult with them on the dragon ride.

The adults were more bothered by the ride than the kids were.  Look at Kelli and Kalissa’s face!!

Lucy was super excited to see the tractors.  When she saw them she screamed “BLIPPI”.  If you have grandkids and they like watching TV, I highly suggest a Youtube channel called Blippi.  There’s a guy on there that tells kids a lot about farm and construction equipment.  The kids love watching so when Lucy saw the tractors…she thought of Blippi.

I didn’t know what she meant until we got a little closer and I saw there were tractors.  What a cutie!!

Normally we would let the kids sit on the equipment but the tractors came to the fair courtesy of the implement where Craig works.

I had to get Lucy up close…

Here’s Scotty…

Then Lucy joined him.

Here’s Carver….

We had to check out all animals.  Here’s Carver with the goats….  We didn’t see dairy goats, only meat goats.

We checked out all the barns….rabbits were here.
…and ducks.  Lucy loved looking.  I thought she might be scared but she wasn’t.  Well at least not until the duck “quacked” really loud.
Here she is feeling the rabbit fur.

Here is the dairy barn.  Our fair isn’t huge at all….actually the perfect size.  It was enough for an afternoon of fun with the kids.

One of my childcare families milks cows.  This was one of the boys’ bottle bucket calves.  It was great that Carver could pet it.  The other kids did too.

Carver adored the fair…Lucy did too.  
Scotty was on the move and wanted to take it all in quickly.  Here he’s meeting the big Tom Turkey.

It was so hot, we had to take the babies out of their seats.  I was joking with a friend of ours that it took FOUR adults to take FIVE kids to the fair.  Seriously, it did.  I think it’s mostly because of their age…after all there are five grandkids under the age 4.  Once Kayla’s baby is here it will be 6 kids 4 and under.

The kids were missing the pigs.  They looked and looked but didn’t find any.  We might have missed a building…I don’t know.

Then finally we found some in the petting zoo.  These were babies and perfect for the kids.

Kelli got Lucy to touch the baby pig too.

Here’s Gannon chilling while we watched a few of the horses in the show ring.
I had a good time.  I missed out on seeing the quilts or the inside 4-H projects.  That’s okay though.  Seeing the kids smiling and happy was and all the enjoyment I needed.  Maybe next year when they are a little bigger, we can take in a few more things…or if the weather had been a little cooler.

I was so stinky and sweaty once I got home it was straight to the shower for me!!

I am going to try to get to another fair in August…this one in Minnesota and without the kiddos I think.  My nephew drives demo derby and I’ve really wanted to watch him.  Fingers crossed I’ll go.

I do want to do a big shout out to the Fayette County Fair Board and all the sponsors of the fair for making the fair affordable and family friendly.  This was a great opportunity for the kids to see a nice look at farm animals.

19 thoughts on “The County Fair”

  1. Such a wonderful family day out Jo, and the children are absolutely beautiful, can see the family resemblances in them all.

  2. Awesome! I could really see that Kramer cooperative spirit in action. Well done to you and Roger for raising kids who know the true meaning of family.

  3. Denise Briese

    Wow Missed a bunch of posts! Your not showing up on bloglovin feed. Loving seeing the children, what a nice time!

  4. Donna Pheneger

    This looked like such fun. Fairs don’t have to be big to enjoy – I think the smaller ones are much nicer.
    I remember taking my kids to the fair when they were younger – but every thing cost :-( so it wasn’t often that we went – maybe one or two years worth.
    Love and prayers

  5. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Both sets of grandparents would take our kids to the county fair. They loved it. Just the right size for the little ones.
    You all looked like you had a blast…good memories!

  6. I am on our local fair board. Thank you for recognizing the volunteers who make local fairs happen. I can tell you from personal experience it can be a thankless job; your kind words are what make it all worthwhile.

    In some areas hogs are limited by how long they can be at a fair, due to disease and that is regulated by the state animal board of health and the fair vet. Hogs are very susceptible to disease and heat may cause all animals to be released to return home.

    I am so glad all of you had fun!

  7. My two year old LOVES Blippi! Her dad is a farmer, and whenever she sees a tractor she starts singing “tractor, oh tractor” from the Blippi show. It’s also a total tantrum when I turn Blippi off… :)

  8. Where are the pictures of the fair food? Didn’t you have any deep-fried something to eat?
    Or cotton candy? Still – looks like a fun time.

  9. I guess I am definitely not a farm girl. I had no idea there were both milk goats and meat goats. My brother was on goat’s milk as a baby, but who eats goat meat? Not being sarcastic, I really was surprised to read that there are meat goats.

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Perfect fair for the kiddos!! The large state fairs are overwhelming! I love the county fair at home and love getting to see everything because it is not huge and crazy! The heat is definitely something I could do without at fair time.

  11. It looks like everyone had fun at the fair. We missed the fair around here, since it was before we moved to the area.

  12. Penny Holliday

    I loved traveling to the fair with you via your pictures of your beautiful family! Thank you for the special fun day with the Kramers at the fair!

  13. What a fun day out with all the kiddos. I love the county fairs, they are the perfect size to see in a day and also to see some of our neighbors and catch up. Glad you had a good time out.

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