The Coolest Headphones EVER!

My daughter Kayla kidnapped my headphones and brought them back newly restored.  Check them out.


I’ve had my headphones for a couple years.  I absolutely love the style.  The go around the back of my head.  They stay on.  They don’t hurt my ears.  I’ve tried ear buds and other styles but these are truly my favorite.

BUT…about three weeks ago the thin foam that went around the part that cover my ears started ripping off.  UGH.  I didn’t spend a lot of money for the head phones but I hated to part with them.   I lamented to my daughter Kayla and she said I have a solution….She took them home with her and brought them back looking like this!  Aren’t they adorable??  She crocheted little flowers around them!  How did she know red is my favorite color?

I use my headphones lots….when I’m on the computer, sewing or on the treadmill, I am usually listening to a book on tape.  I get them from our online library….. It’s wonderful and now…my headphones are fixed.  Kayla has lots of creative ideas over on her blog.

Right now…I’m a happy mom who’s really proud of her creative girl.

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