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I still write Christmas cards and send them via the mail.  Not everyone gets one but I typically send them out to family-especially my family that is living alone.  There are a few widow ladies in the area that I send them to as well.  A few old classmates get them but not many.  Total I send out about 50.  We don’t send any to neighbors.  We figure we see them often enough.

I always  include a Christmas letter, but I was afraid that this year I just wouldn’t have time to do it.  Typically I come up with something cute.  I have written it in the same format as a Christmas Carol or Christmas rhyme.  I have written it so it appears to be a newspaper.  I have listed the pros and cons of being a Kramer kid.  I’ve made a word search.  Every year is different.  I’ve even had kids volunteer to write the letter.

Well this year I didn’t think I could do it….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times, when I have too many things on my plate, it’s hard to be creative…by creative juices are shot.  So I figured I would do a Happy New Year letter once we got into the new house.

But that wasn’t to be.  Kalissa saved the day.  While I was working on the computer I got a message via Facebook.  It was Kalissa.  The message said read this.  I figured it was a paper for class so I opened the document and it was a Christmas letter that she had written for me.  Bless her heart, RIGHT?!?!?!  It was cute and it was creative.

I read it and loved it.  I corrected a couple typos and printed a copy for Hubby to read when he came in for lunch.  It got the approval and I printed it.  It wasn’t on some cute Christmas letter head but it’s printed and this year, that’s awesome progress.


Karl was coming home so I called him and had him pick up Christmas cards.

Two days later I had about 10 cards done but that was it. Then Kalissa called and said she had and hour to kill before she had to leave for work.  She’d be at my house in 15 minutes-if I had everything ready by the time she got here, she’d help me put the letters in the cards and addresses on the cards too.  Well who can pass up a deal like that??  We frantically worked.

So thanks to Kalissa, the Christmas cards have been sent.  I gotta say, I love that girl…and not just because she’s my kid.  She’s straight up a nice person.

Anyway…I decided to add a copy of the Christmas letter here.  Merry Christmas to you all from the Kramers!!

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Card”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the “Cancellation Notice”, Jo. It is perfect! I enjoy your blog so much, thank you for all of the work you put it into it throughout the year. Merry Christmas to all of the Kramers!

  2. Kalissa gets an A+ for her Cancellation Notice…very creative and entertaining! Jo, you must be SO proud of your children!!! Wishing all the Kramers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. I love it. I’ve sent out letters since we married, and all those letters are a good history of your family. I, too have trouble getting it written, but since I have company coming will not get them in the mail on time.

  4. Hats of to Kalissa for a great job on the Christmas “cancellation” letter! Great job. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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