The Childcare Chronicles

I’ve been busy with the childcare kiddos.   I had lots of kids all of last week.  On Friday I happen to have more kids than usual.  I had an extra little girl there and her aunt had dropped her off.  She ended up lamenting later that her aunt didn’t kiss her good bye before she left.  I started up a conversation that she had to hurry to get to the bank where she works because were waiting there for her to help them.  That eased the tension and then our conversation started in on what other parents do for a job…we have carpenters and factory works so I started explaining this all to the kids.  Then the little girl who doesn’t normally come looked at me and asked, “Jo, what’s your job?”  HA!!   As seven kids, three and under sat all around the sweet little girl wondered what my job was.  Oh kids.  I love their innocence.

Here’s some pictures of our week.  The kids love crafting.  It matters not what it is or if they make creations of their own.  On this day, one of the little girls put a scissor in her mouth.  I immediate told her -No you can’t do that!!  One of the other little girls chimed in and said, “Ya, ‘P’ don’t do that.  We have rules here.”


The pictures of the kids with the dogs always melt my heart.  Here Puppycat Kelli’s dog was napping with one of the kids.


Hubby was home early one day.  I asked him to put new batteries in the baby swing.  He picked the swing up and started to take it to the garage to change the batteries.  I quickly stopped him and said, “No…could you please change them in here?”  He looked at me and said, “Whatever.”  I told him that the kids would want to watch him.  Within seconds of me telling the kids that he was going to fix the swing they all gathered around.  For some reason they are fascinated with observing anything getting fixed.  If it involves batteries it’s even more true.


Here’s the cutest picture with Carver in it?He seems to be a bit of a lady’s man.


This little one was so cute…I had given her a piece of cheese.  The cheese stuck to the tray and she couldn’t get it loose.  She was inventive and decided to simply bend over and try to eat it off the tray….so cute!!  She is getting close to walking.  I love seeing those milestones.


One of the other little ones decided it was time for no more diapers this week.  I was so happy about that.  Most days I have six kids and five of them were in diapers.  WOW…changing five kids in diapers can be taxing.  I’m so glad we’re down to four and hopefully the next guy will catch on soon too.

It was a fun week of childcare…busy-busy but for the most part…fun.  Watching their little minds work is so entertaining.

11 thoughts on “The Childcare Chronicles”

  1. I loved your story today about the child asking what was YOUR job. Just started my day with a grin. I’m a retired teacher and early arrivals seeing me at my desk before AND after school working sometimes asked “if I live there”. YEP pretty much. Merry Christmas!

  2. You could have easily listed many jobs you have. I am so glad one of them is to write your blog post every day. I love starting my day by reading it.

  3. You are so amazing and you really bless so many. I enjoy my morning coffee with you, I need a friend and you are always there.

  4. Jo, I love your child care stories. We watch our grand daughter a couple days a week and enjoy her so!!! She just had her third birthday this week and is so entertaining.

  5. I love seeing the pictures of the kids and hearing about your”adventures”! My little ones are all grown and gone and even their little ones aren’t little anymore. I miss those times sometimes but I’d never want to go back. I love my life now too! But reading about your world is fun! Your childcare parents are lucky to have someone so caring and concerned about their development.

  6. Cheryl in Dallas

    I loved the story about the child asking what Jo’s job is. Cracked me up!

    Right now I am caring for my mother who is in declining health. She is in a rehab center, and I spend hours with her each day. Otherwise, I am washing her clothes, picking up prescriptions, writing to relatives to report on mother’s status, cleaning up after her 7-year old dog who is not housebroken, calling to resolve her past hospital bills, and today I’m arranging for her earthly remains to be sent back to her home town for a future burial. Everyday my mother always asks me “What did you do today?” Makes me laugh — but I don’t tell her any of this. Just say I’ve been doing housework or quilting.

  7. Lori from Nebraska

    Thank you for sharing!! Your stories are the BEST!! It takes time to let us all into your life!!. We look forward to hearing about your days!!

  8. I think from the child care kids point of view – it is so fun being at your house, that it just doesn’t seem like a job. I think many of use on the blog would like to come and spent the day with you – baking, quilting and crafting, and napping with Ruby!

  9. I’m a retired teacher. One of my kinder kids asked me what my job was one time. I told him about teaching school and his reply was’ “I know all that, but what do you do to EARN a living?” LOL, I think there had been some discussions going on at home using that phrase.

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