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I love to shop local and small business when I can but sometimes the quality or service just isn’t there so I don’t.   Today, I going to tell you about a small business my family is completely in love with…Prairie Dairy run by the Otto family in Owatonna, Minnesota.  They make the most AMAZING cheeses, flavored butter and flavored cream cheese.

In September Kelli and I were teaching at a childcare conference in Owatonna, Minnesota.  While there, we went to the Farmer’s Market.  We had been there the year before and there was a lady there selling cheese.  We were hoping she was there again and luckily she was. As you can see, her prices are very reasonable.

We bought lots of cheese.  Let’s just say the Bacon Cheese Curds and Garlic Pepper Cheese Curds are to die for.   I asked for an email address so I could order from her. I got home and my family gobbled up the cheese.  I went to order more but the email address didn’t work.  UGH.  I sent a facebook message out to my family who lives in the area.  My cousin Deb ended up going to the Farmer’s Market and talking to the cheese lady about “her crazy cheese loving cousin in Iowa” (me) and got a different email address from her.  She contacted me and I ordered more cheese.  She put a cold pack in the box and it shipped just fine.  Cheese is a product that doesn’t need to be kept cold so shipping wasn’t a problem. It so amazing that her family makes it all the cheese themselves.

Here’s all the varieties.  I put a star by all ones we have tried and liked.  The others might be fine.  We just haven’t tried them. *3 Alarm, Habanero, *Pepper Jack, *Buffalo Chipotle, *Morel and Leek, *Bruschetta, *Onion Garlic, *Spinach Artichoke, *Horse Radish, Provolone, *Veggie,Extra Sharp Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, Co jack, Havarti, *Havarti Dill, Cheddar Dill ,Gouda, *Pram, Baby Swiss, Tuscan, *Salsa, *Fontina, Muenster , and Asiago.

*String cheese
Cheese curds (plain) PLUS Flavored curds: *Bruschetta, chipotle, *buffalo,* bacon, *garlic & pepper…. Oh my, there is not a one that I don’t like.

The Buffalo, Bruchcetta, Leek and Morel and Spinach Artichoke are my favorites right now. Pam sent along a pack of Roasted Garlic Butter with my order and some strawberry flavored cream cheese. Both are WONDERFUL!!  I put some of the roasted garlic butter in a pan and then fried some leftover cubed potatoes in the butter. AMAZING!!  They were perfectly seasoned.  The butter amazing on fresh buns too.  We tried a cinnamon butter too and that’s amazing on toast.

I put in Christmas order with gift boxes to give to a few of our friends….

If you are looking for a small business to support, think about ordering some cheese from the Otto family.  They are just starting to expand their business so that they can ship cheese.  They don’t have a website or brochure but you can still order from them.  Here is Pam’s email.   The cheese is about $5.00 a pound and definitely worth it…if you order, tell Pam that “Crazy Cheese Lover from Iowa” sent you.

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  1. I love cheese of any kind and definitely a fan of cheese curds. The price seems really reasonable I will have to look into ordering from them. Thanks for the email address.

  2. Didn’t think I would ever see the name Owatonna again. Took the family on cross country driving trip (CA to NY) 4 years ago and ‘broke down’ in Owatonna. Just a minor repair, but spent a couple days in an RV park there. Nice people. And we hit any cheese spot we ever found. Thanks for the recommendation.

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