The Charity Projects EXPAND

I certainly am not glad that I’ve been dealing with the cancer stuff this year but at the same time, it’s really helped me access what’s important in life.  I am SUPER thankful for that aspect of it all.  It’s nice to have a wake up call and it’s nice to get it at an age while I still have time to do something about it.

The kids have been home a little more throughout this and all of them have commented on how much fabric and goodies get sent to me from blog readers.  I explained to the kids that I liked it but have found that even me, who sews like crazy end up with more fabric than I can use so I find ways to distribute it out to charity organizations.  I went on to explain to the kids my want to find an organization that was helping those in dire need who could use fabric.

That spurred my daughter Kayla into a mission.  The mission was to find a food pantry or school that was in need….We found one.  Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Manderson, South Dakota has Wounded Knee School and they need me, you and anyone else you know who has anything from crafting supplies to patterns and fabric.

I got hooked up with Chris a community cheerleader that helps get items to the school for the families in need.  Chris writes, “Hey Jo,  Wow, what a fantastic offer!  I work very closely with Wounded Knee District School on Pine Ridge Reservation.  As part of that, my donors have sent the school’s Parent Resource Center many sewing machines, irons, ironing boards, etc.  The parents and students use those to sew garments and quilts and other items for their families and they are always in need of patterns, fabric, notions, quilting supplies, pretty much anything related to sewing and quilting.  If your readers would like to send any and all of their extras to the school what a huge impact that would have on the lives of those families.  These families are all living in dire poverty so any help we can give them would be so wonderful.”


It just makes my heart smile to see kids learning to sew.  Doesn’t it?

It makes me feel extra good that things that I no longer want or need can really make a difference elsewhere in the world.

I know many people have talked about “what to do with their quilting things should a loved one die”….isn’t this the perfect solution…Donate to those in need.


I know many people send me fabric because they feel it’s dated…the want to not change and only use quilt shop fabric…they just want to down-size…they realize they aren’t going to sew it all before they die…they simply aren’t into quilting anymore.  It’s so much easier to giveaway when you can see that it will go to someone who needs it.  I think we found the perfect place for it.

The wonderful thing about donating here is that if you have books, crafting supplies, patterns or even good quality prom dresses or clothing, soap, it can all go in the same box.  This school needs it ALL.

NBC did a story on the school that you can read here.  Here is a Pinterest page of some of the items that have been donated to the school.  Here is a page for the Friends of Pine Ridge and the Wounded Knee School District.  It lists all of the needs of the school.

I am heading to the post office today.  I am putting together a box of things for the school.  It feels so good to be helping.

I really would like to do a baby quilt drive for their Family and Child Education program in the future.  I have a few people on board now who are long armers and volunteered to help with some of the machine quilting.  Goodness knows we have lots of binders waiting in the wings to help with projects.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!   We could sew up anything “kiddish” from baby quilts to twin sized.

If you are inclined to donate your unwanted/needed quilting and crafting supplies to this worthy cause send them to:

If via UPS/FedEx:
Parents Resource Center
Wounded Knee District School
201 Main Street
Manderson, SD 57756

If via US Mail:
Parents Resource Center
Wounded Knee District School
P.O. Box 350
Manderson, SD 57756

Please Note: Due to the volume of donations shipped to the reservation FoPRR cannot verify delivery of your boxes. If you are shipping from home and require confirmation of delivery, please purchase delivery confirmation from the post office or use your shipping service’s tracking system.

Let’s bless this school with our abundance.

8 thoughts on “The Charity Projects EXPAND”

  1. Thanks for this information. I’ve come across the opportunity to purchase some older Singer sewing machines. I plan to have them cleaned and was hoping to find a charity to send them to. I called another place today and they are checking, if they don’t take them, looks like I have another charity lined up. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I have just found that too much fabric and a messy storage room just keeps me from being creative. So I am making up quilt kits for my guild. Each one has all the fabric almost all precut, the binding and the pattern. In some cases, the pattern uses string piecing blocks so I am including the foundations, pattern and any related parts like sashing and cornerstones precut.

    I love to do the planning and cutting and am very productive. So far, I have 11 kits ready to go for twin sized quilts and a quilt top that I would never finish. Tomorrow, I am cleaning out a tote of kids and jungle fabrics and seeing how many kits I can turn out.

    thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I’ve also sent yarn, knitting needles, knit socks, hats, and vests to Pine Ridge. They send the nicest Thank You cards when they receive the supplies. It makes me feel good to give to others and to see the supplies being put to a good use.

  4. Our church has a local connection that makes a run up to Pine Ridge every so often with a U-Haul packed to the gills. They really do need everything. Your post was perfectly timed as I was clearing out some random craft stuff today. I can drive to the PO just as converniently as Goodwill. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. So happy I was able to just put “Indian Reservation” in your search bar to immediately find the mailing address for the Wounded Knee school so I can donate a box of scraps to them this week. Keep up the great work you do on all aspects of your blogs. It was almost too easy lol.
    P.S. for Kellie..I received my order from Branded for all the head bands

  6. I have a few Christmas Bears kits with fabric included which I will gladly gather up and send. It warms my heart to know that another generation is learning to sew! And of course it makes me feel good to know I can help out a worthy charity in some small way! Thanks!

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