The Cat

I’ll admit.  I am not a fan of cats.  I like dogs…not cats.  By no means do I wish them harm…I just don’t like cats on my lap or rubbing around my legs.  I am a dog girl.

The farmer that Hubby works for has a herd of cats in the barn here.  For the most part, they stay on their side of the driveway and that’s how we prefer it.  As the weather warmed this spring one cat started to think he wanted to be a house cat.  I’d open the door for Ruby to come in the house and the cat would try to follow her in.  It was so annoying.  I am not having a house cat…no way and especially not this one.  It would constantly try to rub up on me when I was outside.  I didn’t like it at all.


Hubby ended up talking to his boss to see if he minded if we found the cat a new home.  We had a friend with a year old girl that was looking for a cat.  This one would be perfect.  The cat was so mellow he could easily be buddies with a one year old.  His boss had no problem with re-homing the cat.

Enter Kalissa’s beagle into the picture.  Betsy would go outside and play and play with this cat.  The cat would lay in the grass and flick it’s tail.  Betsy would chase it’s tail and try to bite it.  The cat didn’t care.  Betsy and the cat became fast friends.  So I delayed and delayed giving the cat away.  Could it be that I was warming to cats??


A couple weeks passed and the cat was still here and Betsy and her were still great friends.  In fact, the goofy cat was actually helpful with Betsy.  The cat stayed in the yard close to the house so Betsy would too.  I had decided that the cat could stay….outside-but it could stay.

Then yesterday the guys were chopping hay.  There are wagons in and out of the yard.

Every eight minutes another wagon comes in and one goes out.  It’s a very busy time here.

In the mix of things with all the wagons in and out the cat got run over and was killed.

I feel bad I ever wanted to give the cat away.  By no means have a turned into a can love or even a cat liker….but I have to admit.  I miss that cat.

5 thoughts on “The Cat”

  1. That’s why all our cats are indoor cats. (Sorry, I’m a cat person, although I enjoy a session of puppy therapy from time to time.) We live in suburbia and have a fairly busy road nearby. Our kitties live into their late teens or early twenties as a result. My condolences on the loss of your friend. I hope Betsy adjusts.

  2. Living on a farm, we only have a barn cat, so I get the cat outdoors only. We have lost many over the years…coyotes, vehicles on the highway, or just took a long hike. I haven’t bonded with the barns cats over the years, even though I feed them, like I have the dogs we have had, but I do miss them and look for them when they go missing. I’m sorry Betsy has lost her buddy.

  3. This is why I could never really let an animal be outside be it dog or cat without supervision. I get too attached to them and just like with kids, I wouldn’t want them to get into harms way. Sorry for your loss.

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