The Cassville Ferry

A Sunday ago or so Hubby and I grabbed our friends and went to a few antique shops in Wisconsin.  Rather than drive down back down to Dubuque or up to Prarie du Chein we decided to take the ferry across the river.


It cost $15 to cross with the Suburban.


It was a hot day so the cool breeze coming across the water felt especially good.


It seemed to be a popular thing to do as the ferry was full.  There were lots of motorcycles.


It was a nice little excursion that I highly suggest trying.  The ferry goes from Cassville, Wisconsin to just south of Guttenburg, Iowa.  It can save lots of travel time…and it’s kinda fun.

Years ago we took the kids and they really enjoyed it.  This is about as close to a boat ride as they’ll get with us.  Both Hubby and I aren’t big fans of water.

After lunch in Guttenburg at a cute little bar and grill that sat along the water’s edge, we were ready to travel back towards home.

7 thoughts on “The Cassville Ferry”

  1. If we are out on our motorcycle, and up by Balltown, we usually ride the ferry across. Cost for motorcycles is (or used to be) $5. Then we would ride back home on the Wisconsin side. You are right. It’s fun!

  2. It’s been a while since we’ve been on the Cassville Ferry but it is a fun little ride and as you said, it does save a lot of time. What a great thing to do on a beautiful day! ~Jeanne

  3. Ferry rides are a different kind of “fun” aren’t they?! We just took the kids on a vacation(long weekend actually) in northern WI and took the ferry across to Madeleine Island. I get a little panicy but I try not to think about it:)

  4. We wanted to take my niece and great niece on this ferry during spring break. When we got there we found out that it had not yet opened for the season. We still want to try to get them back up there before the season ends.

  5. The ferry brings back memories of the Merrimac ferry over by Lodi, Wisconsin. I grew up in Madison, and remember many Sunday drives taking a ferry ride. :) I live in north central Iowa now, and just might need to head over to Guttenberg and ride the Cassville ferry. I just found your blog today through the Moda bakeshop website. I am going to add you to my favorites. Thanks!

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