The Carpenters Night

A friend of mine contacted me recently and asked if I was interested in going to a Carpenters Tribute show.  I said YES!!  I had my vaccine and felt comfortable going.

I was born in 1965 and spent many of my childhood years listening to the music of The Carpenters.  I have many fond memories of growing up with my niece Jody.  She was only four years younger than me so many of my childhood memories involve her.

I remember riding in the back of her parent’s chevy matador station wagon sitting in the seat in the way back that faced backward.  We spent many trips sitting in the back singing our hearts out.

1969 AMC Rebel SST 4-door station wagon - 343V8 and only 24,000 miles

One of the songs we always sang was The Carpenter’s On Top of the World.

The other song we always sang was Sing…also by The Carpenters.

When I turned 13 for my birthday Mom bought me a jewelry box that played music.  I still have it.  The tune it played was We’ve Only Just Begun.  Mom said it was appropriate and 13 was my first year as a teen and the song marked the “beginning of my teen years”.

I spent many days of my teen and adult life riding on the lawnmower and singing Rainy Days and Mondays while mowing the lawn.

Yep…I’d be happy to see The Carpenters Tribute show.

Friday night was the day we went.  My friend invited a few other friends.  It just so happens that we had widowhood in common.  We had a big chuckle that none of our husbands would have wanted to go to a Carpenters show.

The show was low budget…but very fun.  The costume changes were fun, quick, and unexpected.

They had us reminiscing and laughing.  It was so fun to just get out and be doing something…Being with adults and laughing was just what I needed.

The performers were a husband and wife team.  They actually perform at Branson but due to Covid, they’ve taken to the road a little more.  The husband does a Neil Diamond Tribute Show at Branson.  He did one number and did an awesome job.

I had an awesome time and am so happy I went.  As I said, it was great getting out.  It was good to laugh and be with other people…and the music was really good too.

Over the weekend I ended listening to a lot of Carpenters music and even got curious about Karen Carpenter and ended up watching The Karen Carpenter Story on Youtube.  As you can see…the whole experience stuck with me beyond one night and into the next week.

Thanks so much to my friend for inviting me and getting me out of the house!!  It was so fun.

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  1. Oh my this is another one of those things that tweaks onc’s memories. Believe it or not I saw the Carpenters live in a theatre in Claremont Calif. They were so kind and accommodating answering encore after encore. It just seemed they were as happy to keep performing nearly as long as we kept standing and applauding.
    Thanks for reminding me of this event and the friends we attended with.

  2. What fun!!! And just what you needed, I’m sure – we all need those little “breaks” from time to time.
    Loved the Carpenters – their music is ingrained in me too.

  3. Oh yes, I too love the Carpenters. My older brother is a fan too. Many memories of my mother in the kitchen singing these and many other pop songs of the time. So glad you went JO

  4. So glad you could enjoy and have fun with other adults. It is great how you and your kids have so much together time, but a night out like this can “hit the spot.”

  5. We had a station wagon like that. Me and my brothers always wanted to sit back there. What fun memories.

  6. What a strange world we live in!!! We just got our show list from our little theatre we like to go to. This year because of Covid, they are having it outside with stage set up. Mostly it’s musical shows and Shakespeare readings. But, one of the shows I picked was the Carpenters!!! I am just that much older than you, that I can remember them being on a “star search” type TV show. It seems like I remember that there were 3 of them on the show, 2 guys and Karen playing the drums. They won of course-they were always so good!!! I am really looking forward to seeing them. One of my other picks is James Taylor show. I intend to enjoy as much as you did! Hugs,

  7. Oh, the Carpenters were such great musicians!! I love their songs, still have some records. I saw them in concert at BYU Marriott Center. For “Sing,” Karen Carpenter brought in a group of local school age children right down the aisle by us. Those kids were SO excited to be a part of the show! Thank you for reminding me of a fun time.

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    1. Judith Fairchild

      I so enjoyed the Carpenters. Nost of their songs were so upbeat. Or full of truth . It hurt when Karen died. But the music lives on. Thanks for sharing your night out. It’s good to get ou of a run even one so pleasent as yours.

  12. Linda Carpenter

    The Carpenters were a favorite in 1972…and when Jim and I were married, we featured a lot of their music as prelude to our wedding ceremony. And then signing all those thank you cards, I signed them “The Carpenters” but added Linda and Jim!
    Thank you and your friends for a trip down memory lane.

  13. My husband loves to listen to the Carpenters. Her voice is so pure and beautiful. My sister had many of the songs sung at her wedding in. 1972.

  14. Thanks for jarring my memories. One of my first albums that I purchased in high school was the Carpenters – Close to You. Also a Neil Diamond album, but I don’t remember which one. Another name from the past – my uncle gave me a Dusty Springfield album. Glad you had a good time.

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