The Cabinet is Back

Things have been in a whirl with the wedding.  Hubby and I had been trying to get the house and the garage spiffed up.  One of his goals was to go get the cabinet he has been working on into the quilting room.  With that out of the garage he felt he’d be able to really get the garage in order…and me, I could tackle the quilting room.

I’ve eagerly been awaiting for the cabinet to be finished.  We bought this some time ago at the Sloan auction in town.  The cabinet was in the garage of the house and was sold at the end of the sale.  Lots of people can’t see the potential things have but Hubby is really got an eye for it.  Here’s a before picture from while he was working on it.


While working on it Hubby got frustrated.  The wood wasn’t sanding down to raw wood no matter what he did.  I finally suggested getting the wood the best he could and then just stain over the top.  I said if worst came to worst, I would chalk paint it….but that wasn’t needed at all!

I had a bunch of boxes that needed to be unpacked but have been waiting for the cabinet so all of them got moved…..


Then our friend who happens to have been one of the house builders brought his tele-handler over and lifted the cabinet to the upper story of the house.


Here it is all in place.  I need to get the other two shelves brought up and I need to tackle the remaining boxes.  I am waiting for a big chunk of time to do this…maybe this weekend.  I really should have done it on Labor Day but I honestly just needed a day to sew.  I am so glad I did too….this has waited for nine months.  Another week or two won’t be a problem.

So for now…the ball is back in my court.  I have all the furniture that I am going to have here now so sometime soon those boxes are getting tackled and I am going to have my sewing room finally in shape.

I’ll give you another peak once it’s done.

8 thoughts on “The Cabinet is Back”

  1. What a great piece of furniture! He did a fantastic job. And how much fun are you going to have sorting through your sewing things and putting them all away. Enjoy!

  2. Love the cabinet. I can see all your UFO’s stored in it and your beautiful finished quilts and projects on display in the shelves.

  3. That cabinet is gorgeous. Your hubby really does have an eye for potential. I wish our auctions were as good as yours – maybe they are but I don’t have The Eye!

  4. The cabinet is beautiful. Hubby did a wonderful job, enjoy filling it up. How nice for you, Kelli, and the gals in attendance to have your retreat making the newspaper.

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