The Bonnie Challenge Update…

So how are you doing??  Are you working on a Bonnie Hunter Challenge project?  Last week my friend Nell and I challenged readers to try to finish up a Bonnie Hunter quilt before Bonnie’s new mystery starts.

I got a chance to work on mine.  I know it doesn’t look like much but the border pieces are ready to be sewn together. The units that make up the blocks are almost all together too.  I am happy with the progress but I am going to have to keep at if I am going to be done by Thanksgiving.


How are you doing??  Link up and share your progress.

Today I am thankful that I have a Hubby who works to provide for our family.  At this time of year when he’s gone in the field and working so many hours I need to remind myself I really do appreciate that he is a hard worker.

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  1. i am thankful for having my darling little kids, who kiss me and cuddle me when i am feeling down, who dare me to try stuff i have been to scared to try before. Being a mother is not always sunshine and good times… but the dark clouds and rainy times are little when i look in my kids eyes….

    i have never made a bonnie quilt, i always look at them and think i want to make them but have not enough scrps.. and bonnies quilts just need to be made out of scraps to make them look as good as hers do… lol so, for now i will enjoy your fruits of labour and hard work…hope you get your quilt finished in time!

    hugs from the Netherlands
    from winda’s sewingmachine

  2. I have one that needs to be finished and I so wanted to join y’all in this, but sewing is not happening around here. I’m in Tx for a week and as hard as I tried, I could not fit Easy Street into my suitcase. :)

  3. I have Easy Street on the longarm. Lazy Sunday is laid out on the floor, Eight of the 16 extra blocks that I’m adding are done. I also have the extra blocks for the second border done and fabric cut for the third border and other eight blocks. So I’m progressing nicely.

  4. I am thankful for my health. Last year at this time I could barely walk due to a severely herniated disc. With surgery and many pt workouts, I’m good. It’s been a long road.

  5. Hi Jo!! I’m trying to finish Smith Mountain Morning. I have all the itty bitty pieces done. Now I am working on the blocks. I’m doing it as a leader/Ender so it is taking a while. I’m not sure if I’ll be done by the end of the month….we will see.

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  7. Jo working on my 9 in the middle. have 15 organize blocks in stacks of 5 to sew. Hope to have them done by the 23 of Nov. Pattern is from Adventures with Leaders & Enders. When I was doing the the nice patch I made way to many light dark light strips now I have to rip so I have a dark 2 inch for my other units, Ouch. I gues I must of had fun sewing the other units.

  8. I’m so thankful for my dear husband and his tender care as I recover from foot surgery. Luckily it is not my sewing foot, so later this month I may be able to finish up the outer border of (insert an embarrassed blush here ) Orca Bay. I found all the piecing to be quite a challenge, but I am determined to finish!

  9. This week I got half of the middle portion of my Old Tobacco Road sewn together. Next week’s goal is to get the rest of the middle sewn together and work on the flying geese for the borders.

  10. I am working on my 3rd Quilts of Valor made from the Caryon Box pattern, have made a king sized, also from same pattern, and working on her Pineapple quilt, also a king. I love her quilts, and your blog, look forward to it each day!!

  11. I am hoping to finish my Smith Mountain Morning before the new mystery begins. I have all the star blocks done and have (barely) started the courthouse steps blocks. I don’t know if I can get the pieced border done in time, but I am going to try! Debbie in WV

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