The Biopsy Results

So…the results are in.  Last week they did the needle biopsy on the lymph nodes in my neck.  I was sore over the weekend but as of this morning, my neck feels completely normal.  Even the soreness was handled with Tylenol so if you ever need to get this done…no worries.  It’s totally doable.

Now the results.  My doctor called this afternoon.  She told me, “I guess the good news is no cancer”.  Ah.  I guess that, being told to a normal person, would be good news.  It’s weird but I was hoping this was cancer and we could just deal with it…but that is not to be.

The hunt is back on.  Right now I have a 4mm spot in my lung that is under suspicion.  I have a 7mm lymph node behind my trachea.  That is under suspicion.  So in order to test them and the rest of my body, I have to do the full body scan.  This is the one that is doable that I hate.

Why do I hate it??  It’s not the actual procedure….yes, they put me in a machine like this…It isn’t that the machine comes up and sits about 2″ from my face.  It isn’t that the scan takes 30 minutes.

It’s this that makes me hate it….THE DIET…and the prep…and taking off work.

So I’ll be back on the low-iodine diet for two weeks.  Seriously I can eat:  fresh fruits and veggies with no butter or oils.  I can eat 6 ounces of meat a day and pretty much, that’s it.  No dairy…no restaurants…no canned food.  There is VERY little I can eat.  People have tried to help but I’ve done the diet and it boils down to fresh fruits and veggies.  I can do it but admittedly, I get crabby…and I end up losing 7 pounds.  I have no idea how vegans do it.  All I know is that I was not meant to be a vegan.

The shots and prep stink too.  For scan week it goes like this.
Monday- drive to Lacrosse and get a shot
Tuesday- drive to Lacrosse and get a shot
Wednesday- drive to Lacrosse and swallow the scan dose or radioactive iodine
Friday- drive to Lacrosse and have the scan done- then see my doctor

The good news…I get the results that day.  I might not get the plan, but I do get the results.  At least that’s something.

So…be prepared for an owly me.  I’ll try.  Seriously I will, but I’m never good when my food is dictated to me.

My doctor told me, I’m not a textbook case.  SURPRISE!!  I don’t know that I’ve ever been textbook…and that’s okay.  But once in awhile, I sure wish I could be.

I’m okay with it all….sure I wish it was easier but it is, what it is.  There is no use being angry, upset or mad.  That will help no one.

I am thankful for my doctor…she’s great and is working so hard to find out what is happening with me.  She’s super nice and very compassionate.  I so appreciate that.

So now I wait for a call from the nurse who sets this all up…then I’ll have a more complete plan…and I always feel better with a more complete plan.

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  1. Oh My, here you go again. It will be good when you have all the answers and can get on with a normal life again. God Bless You

  2. Oh my heart. I hate that you have to go through this. Take advantage of the end of gardening season and load up on as many fresh veggies as possible. Your positive attitude is to be admired.

  3. Like you have said before, it’s all doable but you get cranky being told what you can eat. I hear you sister. I despise the tests but if it helps track what is going on I’m okay. Cranky but okay. And now you have been through it so you know the routine. Just another bump in the road we call life. And when you think about the alternative the testing isn’t so bad. Lots of love, hugs and prayers coming your way.


  4. I know it’s not home, but we are 20 minutes north of la crosse in Holmen. We have a great guestroom and full private bath in finished basement. Room for more than one person if you have support family involved. You can come/go from here if you’d like to save on back and forth. Even just one night. Or all. We are casual hosts and will spend the time talking if you need us or leave you alone if you need. Email me if you want to discuss further.

  5. I had to giggle when u said that u r not a text book case. i have been told that many times. We r all here for you and praying for good news.

  6. KRAMER STRONG.. you will get through this we are praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts for this to be over quickly. You are an amazing person text book or not….

  7. Not sure how long your drive into LaCross is, but couldn’t you give yourself the shots? Or is it radioactive?

    I have found a good book makes good company! I made myself doi the visual triangle of foreword, rear view, side mirrors view constantly keeps me alert and awake.

  8. Still praying. I understand the being cranky about what you’re allowed to eat. Prepping for a colonoscopy doesn’t take as long but those two or three days before. cranky describes it accurately.keep the faith. So enjoy your posts even these not so happy ones. Good news, bad news you let us know how to handle the garbage life throws at us. Thank you for being so honest.

  9. Jo, I know your daughter is a nurse. Maybe they would let her give you the shots? Doesn’t hurt to ask. Sorry to hear you’re having to undergo more testing. I know you’d like to know what’s going on, get it treated, and get it over with. I pray that you’ll have safety on your trips, and that you’ll finally get an answer to what’s going on.

  10. Oh sweet friend. Please know that there are so many keeping you in our prayers and thoughts. And never worry about being on the grumpy side when you start your diet. We understand – truly we do.
    Love and prayers

  11. So sorry you are having to go through this once again. But at least you know the routine and what to expect. Doesn’t make it any easier though. You are one strong lady and I know you will handle it well. Good thoughts and prayers for you and the family. Keep the faith! Hugs!!!

  12. Jo, you know you are getting lots of prayers and positive thoughts sent your way. I hope you are able to get this scheduled soon so you can get it behind you and know what you are dealing with. Sometimes the anticipation and waiting is the worst part of the process. I hear you when you say you want to get to the plan! Many hugs for you.

  13. I’m sorry about your diet!
    I feel your pain. I’m on a no white carbs diet because of my chemo, which raises my blood sugar. My favorite foods are potatoes, bread and fruit in that order, and now I get none of them. But you do what you have to do for your health. I keep reminding myself that there are thousands of people with bigger problems than not being able to eat high carb foods. The good news is I’m losing weight on this diet, and can wear my skinny shorts now. But I still complain a little.
    You are allowed to complain too!

  14. Hmm…. do you have a juicer? A good tomato soup or squash soup recipe with a dairy alternative… can you eat grain? There is a great ginger cookie recipe that uses baby food prunes instead of butter or oil… can you eat any nuts or seeds? You are such a creative cook I can imagine you finding all sorts of new combos…Sorry if these ideas are lame ;-)

  15. So is it 3 weeks of this diet? I am sure your juggling your schedule is enough to give you a headache. Prayers – as you again navigate this.

  16. I’m sorry this is all happening to you, so glad you are having a good attitude about it. Prayers for some answers and a plan when its all done.

  17. Praying that you finally get some definitive answers from you test. It is understandable that you would be cranky going through this again.

  18. God Bless you Jo you have been through so much. I will pray to Jesus as he is the healer who was sent to save us all. I have always prayed to God only but My American Friend tells me that we also need to ask Jesus to heal . I hope the scan goes well . Sandra your Canadian Friend

  19. I think we should all go out for lunch on Friday – AFTER your scan (and diet) are OVER!! I can even bring you some stash/scraps if you need some. :-)

    Nita Marsyla

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