The Binding Tool

In a previous post, I mentioned that I sometimes purchase notions or quilting tools, only to have them sit in the drawer and never use.  After watching a tutorial at Missouri Star Quilt Company featuring the binding tool, I was willing to chance the purchase with the hope that a binding tool might make my binding look a little better and WOW….does it ever.

Here’s a few photos to give you an idea.  I put two pins in along the side of my quilt that are 12″ apart. 
I cut my binding strips and sewed them together.  I folded the strip in half and sewed it to the quilt, starting at one pin and stopping at the last pin…making sure I allowed 10″ extra on each side.
Using the directions on the tool and watching Missouri Star Company’s tutorial again, I cut the binding and sewed the pieces together. 
I pinned the cut ends in place and sewed.
I turned the binding strips over and sewed them in place.  I honestly, can’t tell where the binding was spliced together…
It was SIMPLE and easy and well worth the cost of $8.95.  Head on over to Missouri Star and watch the tutorial on the binding tool.  I am warning you, Missouri Star has lots of tutorials that I LOVE!  They are quick and fun.   You might find yourself watching several of the videos.

Just to let you know how much I LOVE the binding tool…I am storing it with my rulers because I plan on using it a lot….No back of the drawer storage for this quilting  jewel.

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  1. what a cute quilt!! and binding is my worst, I need to get one of those tools to see if I can fix my messes :)

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