Another Coin Jar

This is one of those “hard for me to write” posts.  I’ve put is off for a little bit hoping I can write is without crying the entire way through it.

Here goes….
One day towards the beginning of April I got a note from blog reader and friend Doreen.  If you attended any of our retreats, you likely remember Doreen.  She was at the West Union site the first year and at Oelwein the other years.

Doreen lives in a neighboring town and is VERY active with Quilts of Valor.  She and her husband Jim have been very active in their community and once owned the local ambulance service.

Well Doreen messaged me and told me she wanted to help Kramer and I with expenses that have come up since he’s been diagnosed with cancer and isn’t really able to work.  She said that she had a big change jar and wanted to give the change to us.

I was overwhelmed.  Remember when we turned in out change jar?  (Read about that post HERE.)  Our jar had $442 in the jar.  That was too much.  She didn’t need to do that…Doreen was persistent though and offered to take the jar right to our bank for us.  Kramer and I are slowly learning that we need to accept the help that is offered to us…It’s been hard…so I said okay and told Doreen that there was a branch of our bank, Bank Iowa, right in her town.

I had no idea.  No idea.

That night we were getting ready for supper and the doorbell rang.  It was Doreen and Jim.  Doreen had a cheesecake with her and a two envelopes.

We were overwhelmed.  They taken the jar to the bank and had already cashed it in.  Then Doreen told the story of getting the jar to the bank…and she showed some pictures.

The jar was HUGE.  They needed a dolly cart to transport it.  OH MY!

Then she showed a picture of the people at the bank trying to manhandle the jar and get the money into the change counter.  See….

We visited a bit and then they left leaving us with a cards and cheesecake.  Kalissa and Craig were there and had been putting their coats on to go when Doreen and Jim came.  Once they were out the door Kalissa said, “Are you having cheesecake?  If you are can we stay?”  They did.  OH MY WORD.  The cheesecake left us speechless.
Then we opened the cards….Doreen had a gift for Kalissa and Craig.  Gannon had been sick and they had extra expenses due to him being in the hospital…Doreen knew she could use some help too.  We are all shocked by the gifts.  SHOCKED.

Kalissa and I both were crying…Kramer was sitting at his chair with head in his hands.  Shocked.

We are overwhelmed…and shocked.

It’s amazing that even though Jim and Doreen don’t own the ambulance service anymore, they are still taking care of the people.  We are so thankful and feel so blessed by their amazing gift.

Doreen, if you’re reading this thank you and…seriously, we need the recipe too!!

23 thoughts on “Another Coin Jar”

  1. It is often most difficult for gracious givers to become gracious receivers. God Bless you and Kramer and Jim/Doreen, and all who touch your life.

    ‘Tis your time to receive.

  2. Amazing people. We have been thru the cancer process and all help of any kind is appreciated. And all the prayers and well wishes help get thru the days. I think of you everyday and am helping you count down the days. I marked off the days on a calendar when my husband had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. When we hit half way we celebrated. He is a survivor for 13 years. (Colon cancer). Love and prayers to all of you.

  3. This is the sweetest story ever!! You and your family are SO LOVED!! Angels are definitely among you—inspired to come and help at just the right time. I continue to pray for Kramer and for you and your family as you continue along with your health challenges. Brighter days are on the way!!

  4. Kramer and Kramer, I have always believed that what you give is returned to you (tenfold). This just shows me that you have been good to many people and many people wish to help in whatever way they can.
    Yes, it is time to just be thankful and accept. Continued prayers and well wishes for you and your entire family. Remember, God works in mysterious ways.

  5. When things are going on in your family, as hard as it may be, graciously ACCEPT HELP!!!

    I know how thankful you all are for Doreen’s gifts. 6 years ago, DS2 was in the hospital for over a month. DH was out of work at the time. Friends WANT to help!! Some brought food, some sent gift cards, and one brought groceries. Everyone has their own way and it was tough, but we learned to just say thank you. I’m SEW glad that people are reaching out to your family! Sending quilty hugs.

  6. Just remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive. As I told my mother when she was nearing the end of her life, if you don’t let people help you, you are not letting them feel the joy one feels when one is able to help someone. She was always helping others but had a terrible time accepting help. I’m sure you feel the same way, but down the road, you will have the opportunity to help others. I have no doubt about this because you certainly have a record of that already! Blessings to the family and to Doreen and Jim!

  7. Now I am crying too. What a wonderful friend and I agree with many of the above comments. People want to help and although it is hard, you have to let them. Sending prayers for your family.

  8. I agree with all the other comments. And I have to add, – that cheesecake looks delicious. If you get the recipe, I hope that you can pass it on. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I had a tough day at work but this blog was so refreshing. I’ll start dinner after I quit crying. Jo, you and your family “pass it on” and now it is your turn to accept so others can “pass it on.” God bless you

  10. Stephani in N. TX

    That’s one serious coin jar. And some serious gifting to you and yours who have done quite a bit of gifting to others in the past. So grateful to friends who can help both monetarily and in friendship. Good people deserve support. Hugs and prayers.

  11. You’ve made my day, Jo! So wonderful to read that things do go full circle especially to very deserving good people!! Keeping you in my prayers & sending hugs to all of you!

  12. What a wonderful story! There are so many caring people in this world but so many times we only hear the bad stories. Thanks for the uplifting story!

  13. Oh unexpected blessings! What wonderful friends. I agree when you’ve been a giver it can be tough to receive. A simple thank you is enough… continued prayers for you all.

  14. Thank you allowing Doreen and Jim to bless you because they are blessed in return to be able to help out. It’s so hard to be the receiver but remember you have blessed us through the years with your free patterns and wonderful teachings. It’s your turn – you and your family!

  15. Sharon Hughson

    Jo, I know you know how blessed you are, but I hope you know how you bless others with your blog and keeping us up to date on the progress made. You reaffirm my faith in the human spirit. Thank you. and Wow that change jar was spectacular. A dolly! LOL

  16. What a lovely gift! How wonderfully generous of Doreen and her Hubby. The world is a better place with people like them. Hugs!

  17. There’s something in my eye that wasn’t there a minute ago. Thank you for sharing your story. We need more good news. You and yours are in my prayers.

  18. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder of all the Blessings we are given. I totally understand how hard it is to receive! I am a giver too and it is really hard for me to accept help. I have been crying trying to type this because this brought back memories of my cancer in 2017. I had friends that brought me money and food too! Everyone knew I was a widow living on only SS with no savings. I could not have thanked them enough for their generosity and kindness. I also could not tell them that all I could eat and keep it down was, cottage cheese and baked potatoes…lol. When prepared food came, I froze it so I could enjoy it later. This is such a happy post and such a sweet treat that I enjoyed so much! Thank you for keeping all of us updated and may the prayers and Blessings keep coming! Until your next post…I will continue praying for you and your family!

  19. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. God is walking with your family and reminding you that He is there. Even as He has blessed you through Jim and Doreen’s generosity, you have blessed them by humbly accepting their gift.

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