The Best Thank You EVER!

We were recently invited to a graduation party.  It was the same day as Kalissa’s bridal shower and we didn’t get a chance to make it but we did send a gift…a quilt.

Kelli had some babysitting for her when she was growing up and she spent some time at my childcare in the summer.  She’s the sweetest gal.  She’s one of those gals that still talks to me and doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s just two years younger than our Kalissa so the two of them enjoy getting together and catching up.

It was an easy decision to give her a quilt.  I asked Kelli if we could give her our Meet in the Middle quilt.  (Find the free pattern here)  Kelli laughed and said she had the exact same idea.  So we gifted it to her for graduation.

Early this week I got the cutest email from her.  It said thanks for the quilt and said that she knows that I always get my dog to pose on all of my quilts and she wanted to try to do the same with her dog.

Here’s the picture of the quilt and her dog.  I LOVE IT!  Kelli loved it too.  Kelli commented that it was the cutest thank you we’ve ever gotten.  I totally agree.

What makes me really excited is that so far, the gal is planning to stay in our area and going to the community college.  So many times our kids move away from the area to the city with fancier jobs.  I know her plans may change and that life might take her down a different road but I am sure excited that she’s even thinking about staying around.  Our town needs more people just like her!

7 thoughts on “The Best Thank You EVER!”

  1. Mary Jo Boland

    Just wondering if you have every made the quilt using black instead of the white. I have a hard time keeping white clean, so I just wondered how it might look with black. I think I will save my scraps from my log cabin quilts to use for the colors in the middle. Thanks for the pattern. (All these pictures of dogs makes me want to get one.)

  2. Super cute thank you for a super cute quilt! I had saved this pattern back when you first put it on your blog but seeing it again made me move it to the “make this asap!” list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a sweet gesture on everyone’s part. Does a quilter’s heart good when the recipient acknowledges the gift and even better when they appreciate it. Makes doing what we do all worthwhile! Oh, and a fabulous quilt too!

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