The BEST News!!!

I’ve known something for a bit now but have been told that I couldn’t put it on the blog.  That was hard for me, after all, I want to share the news with all my friends…  Last night I finally got permission to go live.  They wanted to wait until they had an ultrasound to tell.


If you didn’t guess by the picture, I’ll say it in words…Kalissa and Craig are expecting.
We are all so excited.  I think seeing the ultrasound picture has really helped it all sink in…that and the morning sickness.

Poor Kalissa has had a bought of morning sickness.  It kicked in a couple weeks ago but she’s learned a lot since then and is doing much better.  She’s had a cold too so ended up one day in the ER to get fluids…nothing too serious but something she needs to learn to manage.

They are due on September 29th…two days after Hubby’s birthday.

I can’t believe some of the questions and comments she’s gotten…Yes she’s only 20.  Yes they planned the baby.  Yes we are all happy about the pregnancy….VERY HAPPY!!

Trends now days are for couples to wait and have children but if you know Kalissa, she’s always been itching to grow up fast.  Lots of people want this or that before they have kids…they don’t.

For those of you who are keeping track of the family and birth order…Yes, Kalissa is our youngest.  We had five kids in eight years.  Kelli just turned 29 and Kalissa will soon be 21.  So the baby of the family is having the first grand-baby.

Kalissa tells me that little baby Friedman is only the size of a strawberry at this point….she’s always telling me some little fun fact….and she’s always trying names out on me.  Hubby was once known to have said, “I don’t care what name you pick but if I don’t like it, I’m just going to call your kids Ralph.”  She keeps asking do you think Dad would call it Ralph….

Well we have lots of days and I’m sure lots of names to run through before it’s all over…I’m so glad I finally got full permission to tell…it’s been awful keeping quiet!

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  1. My dad’s name was Ralph, but everyone called him by his middle name – Harold. AND he always wanted a Zelda – thankfully there are no Zeldas. Congratulations to all!!

  2. Congratulations to all. Always so happy when I check you before bed and there you are. Glad to be among the first to know. Time to make a baby quilt!

  3. Congrats grandma! It’s a wonderful thing! What is the baby going to call you? And the other grandma? That was the dilemma recently when my daughter had my first grandbaby and her MIL’s 3rd.

  4. What lovely news to wake up to on a dreary cold morning in the U.K. I’m sure you will be able to find time for a quilt or two for the new addition

  5. Wow! What great news for your family! Their smiles certainly show how excited they are. Hope all goes well and that the morning sickness ends soon. Congrats!

  6. Congratulations Kalissa and Craig. Sadly the comments don’t get better as you get older. We had our first when I was 21 and people felt free to ask the same questions, when we had a second 16 months later they all just “assumed” that she was an accident. They were both very much planned. After my second we had a battle with secondary infertility so there is a big gap between 2 & 3 and between 3 & 4. We are currently expecting number 5 almost 20 years after the first and the rude comments have been unbelievable! Yes this was a very much planned baby as well. Not many congratulations to be had, just lots of “oh my what a surprise, but accidents happen you know.” They all give a weird look when we say this wasn’t an accident but very much planned.
    Enjoy your baby and block out the rude comments is thr best advice I can give.

    1. Congrats on your little babe….Imagine how easy this one is going to be. You have maturity and experience to help!! That’s said tongue and cheek…All little ones come with their own package of uniqueness that brings it’s own challenges. You can do it!

  7. Congrats! Have you started his baby quilt?! Lol, just wait you will be in love with your grandbaby, they are different than your own!

  8. OMG, what wonderful news. Grandbabies are such precious little bundles of love. We have 10 and they are all special and unique. Don’t let the negative comments burst your bubble.

  9. Congratulations. I think your husband / grandfather is funny Ralph. I love your quilts and blog. You always make my day

  10. WOOT WOOT!!! Congrats, Grandma!! There are sooooo many fun patterns to sew for babies! And special quilts too! Becoming a grandmother is awesome. God saves a little something back for this special occasion. It is hard to explain, but you will know it when it happens. Kalissa and Craig, enjoy every minute ..each stage goes by so very fast and then,one day, YOU will be the grandparents! Congrats to all.

  11. Congrats to the entire family! When we adopted our daughter, she got quilts from everywhere: me, Grandma, great-grandma, my friends, my quilt guild! She had her own section of the quilt show one year! BTW, I love Craig’s shirt!

  12. Great news! The comments happen no matter what. I had my first and second at 48. We were trying but at that age you don’t actually PLAN for it to happen. Ignore them and live your own life! However I will say that I love boys but always hope for a girl hehehe. The clothes are more fun!!

  13. Years ago, upon returning from my honeymoon, someone patted my tummy and say, “Are you pregnant yet?” As my mom would say, “Consider the source.”

  14. Congratulations to you!!!! Grandparenthood is the best thing to ever happen to you! As much as you love your children & your daycare kiddos, you are in for such a shock at how much more you can love a GRAND! I hope the morning sickness doesn’t last long and it will be a blur before she can even think about it. Enjoy every second, all of you! I LOVED those weekly “growth” updates of growing baby. One of my daughters had twins so I got them for her, but when my DIL had one I got them again, but it was quite different for the singlet. Just enjoy and you will have such an awesome stage of life coming! Hugs to all.

  15. Congratulations, how wonderful for them and the rest of the family. Yippeeeee!!!!!
    Celebrate it is wonderful news and a happy event. Hope she starts to feel better soon and cant wait to hear more about the name debate

  16. Congratulations!!! I love happy news!!! Best wishes to everyone!!! How soon will we start seeing baby quilts?!! Can’t wait!!!

  17. So happy for you!! We are expecting our first grandchild also. Sonogram is happening this afternoon. Can’t wait to see the baby’s image. Life is good!!

  18. Congratulations to the whole family! People are amazingly rude or stupid, depending on how charitable you feel about them at times. I thought Dear Abby had a great response to those things, “How interesting you would feel it appropriate to say that.” It may not seem terribly polite, but it is certainly not as rude as some of the comments that require a response like that. Fingers crossed once the news gets out people will just want to share in the joy.

  19. Congratulations to everyone! I had a baby (with complications) on leap day 20 years ago. My doctor thought we should name him Jethro for all the trouble he caused. I didn’t!!! We named him William Hunter. I announced to family no nicknames. He was to be called William. My brother in law looks at him and says “hello Bert”. Ugh! No one else calls him that thank goodness but when William was old enough to talk he started calling my brother in law uncle Bert and the name has stuck between those two.

  20. Congratulations!! Our youngest, at 21, had our first grandchild too. He and his wife are wonderful parents – to 4 kids now. You will LOVE being a grandma, no matter what “the baby” decides to call you. I’m Ahma to some and Grandma to others it doesn’t matter what they call you, your just happy to see them :) Anne D.

  21. How exciting! Hey nothing wrong with Ralph! My Grandfather and one of my Uncles are (were) Ralph!! ;0) however Jr is called Skeeter! Lol very rarely do I hear him called anything but Skeeter or Skeet!
    they will make a great Mother and Farter oops or Father!!

  22. Oh Wow! How exciting for you. I have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. My first child was born when I was 19. So just forget the comments and enjoy. My only advice is spend as much time with your children and grandchildren as you possibly can.

  23. My youngest (of four) had my first grandchild also. And last year she gave me the best birthday present – a granddaughter. I kept teasing her about delivering on my birthday, but I was so stunned when it actually happened. Maybe your husband will share a birthday also. Congratulations

  24. Great news. Congratulations to all! Grandchildren are the greatest. The first grandchild will give you your new name that you will become known to all who follow. My husband doesn’t call me by my name any more… once I became Geema, that’s my new name. Even the little kids in the neighborhood call me Geema.

  25. It’s better to have them young! We didn’t get married until we were 35 and I had my first baby at 36 and second at 38. I dearly wish we could have had more and I wish I was younger so I could keep up better with two active boys!

    Congrats to all of you!

  26. Congratulations to Grandma and Grandpa and The parents to be. I think being a Grammie has been the most fun time it is awesome.. Blessings and prayers for an easy pregnancy and delivery. I will look forward to hearing all about it. Hugs Sandra

  27. Congratulations!!! What fabulous news!!! Your baby is just glowing!!! It will be fun to follow her pregnancy here and I hope your first grandbaby arrives on my birthday, which I share with your husband!! Why is it that people think it is all right to ask personal questions and make judgments about strangers? A sign of a disintegrating society is rudeness, and it is sad to see people doing that to Kalissa. They need to get a life! Ignore them and just bask in the love and excitement from the rest of us!!

  28. Congrats! Grandbabies are even better than your own kids in my humble opinion lol. At last count I have been blessed with 10 & still have 2 of my 6 kids that haven’t gifted me with more grandbabies. I am so excited for you! You’ll be a wonderful. Grandma.

  29. Congratulations to all! I have found that grandchildren are a tremendous blessing. As much as I adore our two sons, our grandchildren are amazing. I think part of it is that the older you get, the more you realize what miracles babies are!

  30. Congratulations!!! Grandkids are the best. Forget what stupid people say, they think they know everything. Having children while you are young is wonderful.

  31. Congratulations to Kalissa and Craig. They will be wonderful parents. You and hubby will love being grandparents. And, the baby will have caring Aunties and Uncles. A special time for everyone.

  32. Congratulations to the whole family! Unique pictures from the young couple, both beaming with the joy. Funny Shirts they wear.
    Greetings from Germany

  33. We got married in 82, DS was born in 83, DD 1 in 84, DD2 in 85. We didn’t “plan”any of them God “planned” for us. We have 6 grands and 1 due in March. MaMa is the BEST job I’ve had. Congratulations to all. This will be a very loved baby.

  34. Congratulations to all of you on your new blessing!! I admire Kalissa and Craig for knowing what they want and going after it. So happy for you all.

  35. Oh how exciting!! I am a grandma x two. Two sweet little Granddaughters. I love being a grandparent. It is so fun. All the cuddles and kisses, but not too much work. The way these younger people are having families now is so different then it used to be. Good for them for wanting a family while they are still young. I was 20 when I had my first child. He will be 24 in April. Congratulations Grandma!

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