The BEST Crock Pot Chicken

Need a quick EASY recipe that will keep your family happy and give you a few minutes away from the kitchen?…I know you are seeing that Tabasco bottle in the picture and thinking the chicken is spicy…Don’t worry, it’s NOT.


Take one whole chicken (I made two…we had company).  Cover it with 1/2 of a large bottle of Tabasco sauce per chicken, putting it inside and on the outside.  Then take Lawry’s Seasoning and sprinkle that generously over the inside and outside.  Put the chicken in your crock pot for about 3.5  hours on high…use your meat thermometer to check for the proper temperature.

The chicken is NOT spicy.   You WILL NOT taste like Tabasco when it is finished.  The flavor of the chicken tastes like it was done at the rotisserie grill.  I LOVE it as it is so easy to prepare and tastes good.  Add a salad along with potatoes and you have supper with very little prep time…Less kitchen time equals more sewing room time.

12 thoughts on “The BEST Crock Pot Chicken”

  1. OMG! Sounds so good, like I may go buy a whole chicken right now! Perfect meal when I don’t want to cook over the stove and quilt instead!! Thanks so much for sharing! Put the slow cooker on high, right?

  2. Sounds good to me!!
    Another good one is a pork loin roast seasoned with salt & pepper, add some chopped onion and a can of Golden Mushroom soup to the crock pot too….YUM!!!

  3. Jo…your pic shows Chipotle Tabasco sauce. Can one use the original flavor Tabasco sauce instead or do you always use the one pictured above? TIA

  4. What size bottle do you start with? You said use 1/2 of a large bottle of Tabasco sauce per chicken, so I’m wondering what size bottle do you start with? TIA

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