The Best Birthday Present

Last weekend most of the kids came home and gave Hubby the best present…their help!  We wanted to one big push to see how much we could get done before Hubby takes a break from working on the house and heads to the fields.  Once field work comes, there are no extra hours left for working on the house.

Remember we had been working on taking down the ceilings?  (for those of you wondering Hubby was the neat one.  In real life he is not neat at all.)  Well our son Buck who went to firefighter school came up with a wonderful plan.  We took old sheet rock we had tore down and cover the hard wood floors with it.  Then he got and old hook from the fire station and ripped it down.  It was so fast.


Hubby and I will have to go back and clean along the walls and remove nails but the main part of the ceiling is down and in the dumpster.

Kelli worked on removing the sheet rock from the kitchen…


Then Kelli, Kalissa’s boyfriend Craig and Karl cleaned out the old cistern.  Craig came on his own with out Kalissa…can you believe someone would volunteer for this work???


Karl and Hubby cleaned out the old coal bin and removed the walls where it was.


Later Hubby and Buck took out the old chimney.  Well-not took it out, took it down enough so that it’s below the roof line.


We bought a new LP furnace and don’t need the chimney.  Being the old part needs to be rewired, the electricians will run wires up the chimney and to the attic.  From there we’ll be able to get the electricity to where we need it.

Seeing them on the roof totally makes me nervous.  I think I project my own fear of heights onto them.  Luckily both Hubby and Buck have no problem with heights.

The dumpster got full and we all got VERY tired.

Saturday night we went to the local Pub and ordered food for us all.  The owner smiled…he loves that we are working on the house because we end up eating there a lot more often.  I admit..after working in the house, coming home to cook for a crew is not easy.

The house is slowly coming along.  I am guessing there won’t be lots of work on the house in the next month or so as the crops need attention now.

We are so blessed to have such good kids that are willing to come home and help…mark this down as one of Hubby’s best birthday presents ever!!

7 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Present”

  1. Bet you can’t wait to see it completed and you moved in. Anticipation felt here with my own as well…only we don’t have the work. You’ve got a great crew!

  2. You should be so proud of the children you raised. The best feeling will be the first holiday dinner you sit down to as a family when it is done.
    I wish you piece of mind, nights of restful sleep and endless bursts of daily energy throughout this project.

  3. That is a wonderful present! My kids gift me with help for yardwork and home renos as well! The best gift ever as I live on my own. I was showing my daughter your pictures and she expressed one concern – she said you should consider wearing HEPA-filter masks because there is a very real possibility that the sheet rock, drywall mud, plaster and linoleum all have asbestos in them, given the age of your home. She’s a draftsman and trained in dealing with hazardous waste from renos.

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