The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had…

I was looking for an audiobook to listen too but everything that I was interested in was coming up as not available.  I love our online library but, honestly, they need more books.  Rarely do I get a book that I really want without putting it on my wish list and reserving the book.  As I was scrolling through trying to find something, I stumbled upon this book….The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

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I downloaded it only to find out that in was classified as a children’s book…UGH.  I thought I would give it a try before I just went and tried to find a new book.  Imagine my surprise when the book opened like this, “I’ve been wrong before.  Oh heck, if I am being real honest, I’ve been wrong a lot.”  I took that quote as a sign that I should keep listening.  I am SO glad I did!

This is honestly one of the better books I’ve listened to in a long time.  The story is set in Alabama in 1917.  “Dit”, a white boy, the middle child of a family of ten, is excited for the prospect of a new kid coming to town.  Poor Dit is SO disappointed when a black girl, Emma,  gets off the train.   Emma is everything Dit doesn’t want in a friend.  She’s a girl. She’s black, proper and even smart…everything Dit wasn’t interested in.

The story reminds me of the old TV show the Waltons in the way the characters speak, in the description of the towns folks.  It also reminds me of the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

When my kids were in upper elementary, I often picked a book to read to them…this one would be perfect.   It portrays historical events in a way children can understand.  Seeing racism through Dit’s immature eyes, brings it to light in a real and honest way.  I can’t think of single bad thing to say about the book.  Don’t worry that it’s juvenile fiction…I am not a juvenile and I LOVED it!  Finding this book, The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, was actually the best bad luck I ever had in finding a book.

6 thoughts on “The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had…”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful book! When we lose the ability to enjoy things that are meant for children we might as well give up and throw in the towel.

  2. Ramona Putnam

    Thanks for the recommendation. To Kill A Mockingbird is on of my favorite books. I’ve found some juvenile authors to write excellent stories regardless of reader’s age.

  3. Glad you found somthing to listen to. Do you listen to cassette? CD?or do you put it on your computer to listen to it. I am listening to a CD book on Sam Clemons right now. I really want to go back and reread all of Mark Twain’s stuff after listening to this.

  4. I’ll have to look that one up. My oldest son is studying American history and that might be a nice addition to his readers. There are some really good children’s and young adult books being published lately. Some REALLY awful ones, too! :-)

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