The Bells

When Karl was home for Christmas he came and found me in the sewing room.  He had with him a grocery bag that had duct tape on it.  He gave it to me and I looked at it a little confused…then he helped me unwrap it.  There was a sweatshirt and wrapped in the sweatshirt was a set of bells.  Immediately I was confused.


I immediately knew that whatever happened next, I was going to cry.
The bells came from my parents house.  They always kept them on the kitchen door.  When someone entered the door the bells rang.  They rang when my dad came in from chores.  They rang when grandchildren came home.  They rang when I came home later than my curfew.  The bells always rang if the door was opened.

I vividly remember my parents having a discussion when they got a new door if they’d keep the bells because, after all, the bells do put a bunch of dings in the door.  They both decided that the bells stay.

My kids all have wonderful memories of walking into my parents house and the bells ringing.  It was a wonderful announcement that they had arrived and now the fun could begin.

Well Karl had asked for the bells when we were dividing up my parents processions.  I had actually forgotten that he did.  He’s taken them from college apartment to apartment.  Then the other day he was cleaning his room and decided that they should be at my house…and that my door was the door they needed to hang on.

He wanted his someday nieces and nephews (and his own kids) to experience the same thrill when they came home to my house.

I loved the thought…it also made me cry though.  Karl is just the most thoughtful guy….I didn’t want to take them though as it was Karl’s thing from my parents..then we made a pact.  When the bells aren’t at my house anymore, Karl will again be the keeper of the bells.

Right now the bells are hanging on my sewing room door.  I haven’t figured out how to attach them to my entry door.  I sure smile each time I see them.  I was blessed to have parents that so welcoming to all their guests, but even more blessed to have an amazing kind son like Karl.

24 thoughts on “The Bells”

  1. Jo that is a wonderful story about the bells! You and your husband have done a great job to raise such a sensitive and caring son! Be proud!

  2. Maybe you could anchor the top and bottom of the rope so they would jingle but not clang against the door. Oh another thing…can I adopt Karl?

  3. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories with us. It makes it even more heartwarming to know the tradition of those bells and the love of family continues.

  4. My mother had a set of bells just like those. My daughter is now the keeper of her grandmother’s bells and they hang on her front door.

  5. Great story! You just never know what little thing is going to become so significant to a child that they always remember it.

  6. You have raised a wonderful son. What a powerful gift he gave you. Such a little sound that evokes great memories. I have a little leather shaped train with jingle bells on my door! When the bells jingle, there is a visitor coming. I love it.

  7. Growing up in the 40s through 60s there was always a string of bells on the front door. My parents moved in the early 70s and the bells were put away. When settling my parent’s estate 3 years ago they popped up and are now on my front door giving off great memories.

  8. Getting caught up with my reading this morning. I remember the bells at the farm…I cried when I read your post! I will look forward to the jingle when we next visit!

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