The Beaver

The farm we live on is north of Waucoma.  The house we bought is in town in Waucoma.  Even though it’s only a couple miles away, before we bought the house, we didn’t go into much.  The only businesses in town are a fertilizer store, elevator, bar, bank, gas station and two catering businesses.  We bank in town but even that only takes us into town a couple time a month.

Now that the weather has improved, we’re working on the house more so we’ve been into town regularly.  One of our favorite things to check out on the way in is the progress of the beavers.


Right along the curves if a person looks just right, they can see the tree that the beavers are slowly chopping down.  We check the progress each day.

There is another tree next to it that has already been chopped down.  I think it’s so neat to see their progress.

What would be even neater is if someone set up a beaver cam-just like the eagle cam that they have in Decorah…I’d love to see these beaver doing their work.

3 thoughts on “The Beaver”

  1. It almost looks like you can see him in the water. How cool to watch. The homeowners locally who are having their trees destroyed aren’t so cool with it.

  2. Beaver are incredible, like all God’s creatures. So fun to watch them doing their thing. Mary is right, though, land owners don’t like the destruction of their trees and the way their dams alter their waterways.

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