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My Facebook time hop came up last week this…a picture of our 1st beagle Gracie.
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The caption with the picture read:
Goodbye to my little beagle buddy Gracie. Last night as Kalissa and I were petting her, “Kalissa Georgia Kramer asked, “How could anyone have not wanted you?” I wondered the same thing a million times. Please don’t be afraid of rescue dogs…they can be great companions. Gracie were a true and faithful friend.”

Ya….sad.  It’s been seven years since Gracies died.  She was 8 at the time.  We rescued her when she was 5.  We only had her for three years but she made a big impact on us.

I had wanted a dog so badly but Kramer said no.  Then finally one day I said, “We either adopt a kid/do foster care or I get a dog.”  Kramer immediately gave in and told me I could get a dog.  He knew I meant it.  A dog was a great compromise.

Gracie was a smaller beagle.  There are two different sizes, 13″ and 15″.  Gracie was the smaller than the 13″.  She could easily sit on my lap.

She was a great walking dog.  Oh she loved to walk.  Back then we lived on the farm and we’d walk the field paths.  She could run without a leash.  She would drift off but I’d call and she’d come right back to the path.  Here she was with our farm dog Pepper.  She’s gone now too.

Happily…all my Facebook Time Hops weren’t all sad.  This came up too….These were pictures taken on the first day we met who is now Ruby.  She’s the pup in the middle of the picture below.

The kids all wanted the one to the right but I said no.  It was a male and he was much heavier and more curious than the other pups.  I didn’t want a white one either…

We ended up picking her up a couple weeks later.

I loved having a puppy around.

She was the cutest.  Here she is snuggled it what was to be Kayla’s wedding quilt.

Of all the pictures, I probably like this one best….

Oh Ruby loved on Kramer when he laid down to take a nap from the time she was a pup to the time Kramer passed away.

We’ve been so happy with Ruby too.  She’s been a great addition to the family.  Here she is barking and freaking out over Karl’s furry hat.

Ruby is the bigger sized beagle.  If I ever get another, I think I want to get the smaller size.  As much as love Ruby, she’s too big to sit on my lap.  At the time we got her, I didn’t know that beagles came in two different sizes…in the end, it’s all okay.  Her personality makes up for that tenfold.

So it was a sad seeing the pictures of Gracie…isn’t it amazing the imprint a dog can put on your heart??  But happy seeing the pictures of Ruby as a pup…I’m really thankful I had both of them in my life.  It is really hard for me to believe that Ruby is seven though…That means she’s getting in the senior age for a dog.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your dog pictures this morning! My dad was a hunter and had beagles for hunting dogs. I am now a cat person and in 31 years of marriage have been owned by 7 adult cats all adopted from shelters or strays that showed up at our door. They have all been wonderful pets.

  2. My little rescued mutt will be 16 in November. I never thought he would be around this long. He is deaf now, and has cataracts, but he still loves to play and go on short walks. It is a privilege to take care of him after all the years of pleasure he has given our family. I’m an empty nester now, and will miss him when he is gone.

  3. It was good of you to share your pup pictures. All of our dogs have happily lived a long time. Our last remaining 13yr old pup was an abused rescue. He still has some issues, but he is the heart and soul of our family. We love him!

  4. Thank you for sharing your pics of your family dogs. My son had a beagle mix he named Simba. They are truly part of the family aren’t they?
    Love and prayers

  5. We’ve had two beagles, one the larger variety who we got as a pup, the other a smaller beagle who was a rescue at about 2 years of age. They were two totally different personalities and we loved them both. Lucy was very stubborn and independent. Rosie was my little sweetheart and loved nothing more than a good belly rub. We lost Lucy at age 13 and Rosie at age 14. Hopefully you still have many years ahead with Ruby. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  6. We have two dachshund rescue dogs and a pit bull mix. The pit is big but she can still get up in a lap when I let her. Which isn’t often. Our male doxie is the sweetest and happiest dog we have every had. We are doxie lovers. having had 7 over the years. We keep saying these are our last dogs. We shall see.

  7. I remember Gracie! That’s how I found your blog. I was going through quilt blogs and saw a beagle sitting on a quilt. Having beagles myself, I had to check it out. I’ve followed you ever since! We’ve had three beagles and now my son has a beagle. We got some as pups and we’ve also had rescues too. My heart broke for you when you lost Gracie. But, I also remember how glad I was when you got Ruby.

  8. We had a beagle when I was growing up. He was very active and lived to just short of 19 when his hind legs gave out and his main focus was still trying to get loose and hunt hunt hunt bunnies. He was a character with a jaunty trot and slightly curled lip on one side. Although he was a purebred at times he reminded me a bit of a terrier.

  9. Hi I rescued a Beagle named Penny from my neighbors. They weren’t even sure of her age and she had heartworm. But her face was so beautiful I couldn’t believe when I offered to take her that they gave her to me! She used to cry all the time when they had her and now she rarely crys or makes any noises which is unusual for a beagle I think. I love to take her out when I see a cat in the neighborhood because she loves to track cat’s! She Bay and it’s so cute!

  10. Animals give us so much love and ask for so little in return I’m glad you had your fur babies and they made you happy and God bless you for being a great owner so much animal abuse goes on in the world breaks your to hear and see it thank you for sharing

  11. I walked into the pet store to get cat food. The first thing I saw was this cute skinny beagle and fell in love immediately. I got to adopt him that day and have loved having him as my constant companion ever since. I have a beagle pitmix too and love her to death too. Thank u for sharing your Gracie’s story. Dogs are the best thing and beagles are a special breed. My guy is so loving and sweet. I pray he lives a long time and dread the day he won’t be with me.

  12. I also enjoyed your beagle love story. I have a beagle named Daisy. Smartest dog I’ve ever had. They say she’s a blue-tick beagle but she looks just like your Gracie crept with spots. Best of luck with y’alls newest member of the family. They truly make the best little friends.

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