The Beagle Brigade Herd Health!

A post from Kelli–

As part of mom being a childcare provider, we have to keep all of the dogs up to date on their vaccinations and shots as any responsible dog owner should do.  When Ruby was quite a bit younger, she had to have multiple surgeries to correct intussuseption, adhesions, and then to be spayed.  She also had an issue that she had to go in for when she sliced her “arm.”  She’s also had many issues with allergies and such also!  While there is a vet office close to Mom’s, they have had to refer Ruby to a different Vet office before because they aren’t able to perform all of the procedures that Ruby needed.  It turns out that the vet office they referred her to is the vet that I took my dog to and is a only 20 minutes or so from my house, versus almost an hour from her house.

With mom doing childcare and Kalissa being busy with Carver, along with the drive, it can be difficult for them to get the dogs over to the vet.  I knew that all of the dogs were needing a shot update and Puppy had been coughing a bit more, so I offered to take the dogs over on one of my days off of school.  When I called for an appointment, Jason’s Aunt Julie, who works at the vet office, called it “herd health.”  I thought it was hilarious, but that’s pretty much what it turned out to be-check health on a “herd” of beagles!!

I ended up meeting Kalissa in Calmar and picking up Betsy and Ruby, took them to my house, showered and then put all the dogs in the car.  When we got to the vet, one of them ( I can’t remember which one) got away, another tried, and then Ruby just cried because she hates car rides and is scared of the vet.

Once we got in the office, it got a little dicey.  All of the dogs are so different and fun in their own way, but it was a bit on the chaotic side of things!  We ended getting them all up to date on shots, Puppy got blood drawn for some issues she’s been having and an anti-tussive for a cough that she’s had, Ruby got steroids for some itching and allergies she’s been having and up to date on shots, and Betsy got up to date with her shots too.

Afterwards, we piled back in the car and headed home.

Dogs 2 (400x300)
I ended up putting a baby gate in the back to contain Betsy and Ruby and Puppy rode up front.  Out of them all, I have to say that Puppy was the best car rider, Ruby was the best when getting her shots and getting checked out, and Betsy was the best at waiting her turn to get checked out.

Once we got home, we took a little nap and then I got up.  The dogs continued napping–

dogs 1 (300x400)
Overall, it wasn’t too bad of a day, but I’m sure glad that they won’t need shot updates til next year–Maybe it’ll be someone else’s turn to contain the Reagle Beagle Briggade for herd health!



8 thoughts on “The Beagle Brigade Herd Health!”

  1. What a challenge! I loved reading about it. When Paddington makes a trip to the clinic he is like a wiggly puppy and very embarrassing. He seems to think all those people from the desk clerk to the dr are there just to see and play with him. He’s 10 and loves going to the dr.

  2. You definitely deserve a medal! You are certainly part of an amazing family, with everyone so willing to help each other.

  3. I only have cats now? But it is still a three ring circus to get from all to The vet on the same day ! More power to you !

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