The Bachelorette Party

Over the weekend they had a bachelorette party for Kelli.  Around here lots of the groups rent a party bus and dress up according to some sort of theme.  Well the girls all picked a trashy theme.

Saturday afternoon several of them landed at my house and started getting all “prettied” up.


Apparently it was an 80’s trashy theme as their hair was all BIG!!


Here’s a look at the group that got ready at my house.


From there we met up with more people at the local bar and grill in town and had supper.  Then the girls hopped on the bus and off they went.  I went home and blew up some air mattresses so we’d have room for extras to sleep.

The girls didn’t get home until 2 am but everyone was happy home and safe after their night of silliness.

It was fun for me as I was able to meet some of Kelli’s friends that I only ever hear about and haven’t met.   I can now see why Kelli talks so highly about them.

Well the party is checked off the list.  The next thing we have to tackle is the bridal shower….that’s this weekend!!

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