The Auction

So when I last left you on the weekend saga, we went to Gold Rush in Rochester and stopped to preview an auction to see if Hubby wanted to go back to the action the next day..well Hubby liked what he saw and decided to go.

I felt bad because I couldn’t go but my brother and sister in law wanted to go the auction too…but the scooter left me home bound.

Anyway…he went to the auction.  He sure sounded like he had a great time.  He brought a truck load of goodies…want to see?  I did.  When he pulled in from the auction I wanted to see so I wheeled myself outside.

He bought a box of toys.  He knows I like vintage toys…I have some cleaning to do but for the most part they are all in really good shape.


He bought LOTS of chicken feeders.  So many people are using them as succulent planters.  He bought these with the intention of selling them when he goes to the Clear Lake antique show the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

The shovels in the background that he bought were really cool…the handles are completely wooden.


Next he showed me this dresser.  It was really beat up.  He told me the story about it.  No one would bid on it.  No one at all would bid.  The auctioneers ended up bypassing it and leaving it to go to the dump.  Hubby ended up asking if he could take it for $2.50.  They said sure so he brought it home.  It’s in tough shape but I really like it….we’ll see what comes of it.  Right now I’m plotting about where it could go in our house.  It’s on the winter project list.

Hubby said that was it and then he surprised me one more time…here’s the sewing box he bought me.  Cute right??


I’ve been on the look out for one of these.  They are so cute.

I haven’t cleaned this one up yet.  It has goodies inside too.  Bobbins and other goodies.  I’m so happy he bought it.  I did ask how much he spent on it…  $5.  Perfect.  He does such a good job at making me happy.

So that concluded our weekend….lots of junking and lots of fun.  I sure am thankful that we both like similar things.  It makes being married a whole lot easier.


7 thoughts on “The Auction”

  1. That vintage toy, the red box with all the cutout shapes in the sides, is SO frustrating for an adult to use! Never mind the kids. The plastic yellow shapes that fit in it get scattered all over while you turn it and turn it to find the right hole to fit. Very few of the shapes will go into a different hole.
    The rest of the stuff looks like lots of fun!

  2. I love the dresser. The design if it is quite unique. Can wit to see how you clean and refinish it. A good fiat of lemon oil should bring the wood back to life

  3. My Grandmother had your dresser in her dinning room and used it for her silverware and her linens. When it popped up on the screen, I immediately could see her dinning room. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  4. The wooden sewing box is darling. I have one. It was a HS graduation gift from my grandparents who raised me. Along with a sewing machine that sadly wasn’t that great, so it was replaced long ago. The box however, I still have! I love it and so do my grandkids. I’ve had hubby replace the screws and washers on the sides many times because the holes keep getting stripped out. Sew much fun!! enjoy…

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