The Auction Septemebr 15, 2018—Part 1

A post from Kelli–

Last weekend I told you about the auction that Jason’s Grandma is having this weekend.  I showed you some pictures, but I definitely didn’t show them all to you.  I have about 50ish more, and that doesn’t even cover everything on the sale.  Jason said that all week they’ve been having people stop by and check things out.  They had a guy from Southern Illinois come up to check out the gas station that Jason’s Grandpa had bought at one time.

If you haven’t seen the sale bill, you can find it here–

Here are the auctioneer’s photos–

And here is a link to my previous post–

It was kind of funny–I was looking through the auctioneer’s photos and I don’t think I’ve even seen some of the things that are on the sale….And I’ve been up there and through everything twice!

So below are more pictures.  Lots of them are cars and tractors which I don’t personally know a whole lot about.  Jason said that when they started, there were over 100 tractors.  There are 68 on the sale, some went to family, and some went to junk.  Believe me when I say there is really something for everyone.

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to get Jason to sit and answer some questions, although I haven’t seen him much in a few days and work overnights for the next few nights, so I’m not sure that I’ll see much of him, but I’ll try to get him cornered and sat down to answer questions!

Here’s the gas station I was talking about–

This is a view down one of the aisles–

Lots of farm implements!

And lots of threshers–I think 20 will be on the sale!

Then there was this little red box for a jeep–Which his Grandpa never had, but maybe wanted to one day?

And cars–and cars–and cars–

And trucks too–Lots of those!

This one Jason called the Happy Hooker–I gave him a weird look and then he showed me–

An old Army Jeep–

Some Dozers and graders–

Some miscellaneous car parts and things….


A little cart…

Jason said that they used to use this to put tile lines in as the weight on the back would dig the ditch for the lines.

Some gas pumps–

Enough equipment to probably start a carpentry business…

Lots of steel wheels–

An engine to a fighter jet–

A completely unused manure spreader.  I told Jason he should buy this and fix it up for Tractor Days and kids could sit in the back for the parade!

A helicopter frame—Because you just never quite know!

A big ole air compressor truck!

I don’t quite remember what this was, but it was made in 1853, which was neat enough on its own!

I think that this was a rock crusher, but I could be wrong!

Galvanized anything!

A semi–

If you need milk cans, we’ve got them too!

This old safe they believe is from the bank in New Albin–About an hour away.  It’s where our favorite meat market is!

Made in 1849…yes, 1849!

Here’s a smaller little safe–

Here’s a bomb trailer from the Korean war–

And here’s the label on the trailer–

Jason said that this is a stump puller–

Another dozer….

Lots and lots of cable–

I even remembered that this was a bandsaw all on my own!

There might be a few duplicates in there and for that I apologize, but it’s hard for me, a not very mechanically inclined person to remember what I’ve shown or not.  Again if you have any questions, let me know!

13 thoughts on “The Auction Septemebr 15, 2018—Part 1”

  1. I sure wish I lived closer, Kelli. There is some really cool stuff on the auction block. I pray for good weather for you, as well as lots of bidders with open wallets!!

  2. Dear Kelli, What a wonderful trove of pictures you have given us!! Too bad the pictures you took didn’t enlarge when clicked on, but all of the auction house pictures enlarged when I clicked on them. My grandson loves all trucks, bulldozers, excavators, etc. and he will enjoy being able to look at all these pictures. Thank you! I hope everyone hauls away their purchases asap. Best Wishes!

  3. Would it be possible to view items this week still? I wont be able to make it to the auction because of military obligations but I could have someone attend if I saw the items first

  4. When you showed pictures before I was trying to figure out what that little building was. I was thinking it was an old, old construction trailer or maybe a weigh scale booth. Now I know it’s an old gas station! No frills in that one are there?

    Before you told about tables of manuals. Are any of them for those old threshing machines? If so they should probably be sold with the machines. I doubt if there’s many alive today who would know how to hook up all the belts to the right pulleys to make the things work like they’re supposed to. My dad had a threshing machine when I was a little kid. He and my uncle still used it to thresh oats. Seems to me there were canvas conveyors in there somewhere too to move the bundles in and the straw out. I very vaguely remember all that stuff being taken off when harvest was over and being stored somewhere inside and then being put back on again for the next harvest.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    That helicopter skeleton would make a fabulous Santa’s sleigh at Christmas! What an eclectic collector Jason’s grandfather was!! Should be a fun auction!

  6. Amazing! About 15 years ago, we cleaned out my husband’s grandfather’s 300 year old house farmhouse and thought he had a lot of stuff. Nothing close to the amount of junk you are dealing with! Hope it all sells and you get a good price. I am sure there are collectors out there drooling over your pictures.

  7. Wow! his grandfather was a true collector of mechanical stuff. I sure hope you have good weather and a great turnout. I know its a lot of work to get ready for a auction.

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