The Auction–Furniture Plans!

A post from Kelli–

The other day, mom told you about the auction we went to.  It was a day that I really needed.  Like REALLY needed!

When we got there, I found this piece–

I was in love!  I knew that I wanted it, but didn’t know where I would put it and a piece that big needs to have a plan.  That way when I drag it home, I have a reason for bringing it home…rather than just a want.  Reasons are easier to get the hubby on board with rather than just a want.

Look at the inside of one of the doors–

Isn’t that just screaming–Clean me up, love me, and fill me with totes of stitching things?!?!?!  I could swear that’s what I was hearing!

Another thing that I liked was that all of the doors have different latches.  Which makes it kind of odd-strange-and unique–Just like me!

It’s kind of a strange height.  Taller than a counter, but not quite a wardrobe, just kind of an odd in-between!  I literally went through my whole downstairs trying to think of a place that i could put it.  I knew that it would need to be painted, so I knew that my options were open as far as color goes.  If it were up to me, I’d tear out all of my kitchen upbaords and replace them with wonderful pieces like these, but hubby has shot that idea down a million times!  I thought about replacing my flower desk with this piece, howeer I think that the proportion would make my kitchen look smaller.  I considered an entertainment center for the living room, but with its size, my living room would be overpowered as well.  The dining room was out as I need my sewing table in there and there wasn’t room otherwise.

Then I realized that if I really wanted this–which I did–I needed to get creative!  That’s when I got an idea!

It’s a fairly long piece–probably 8 feet or so.  I also happen to have a long wall in my bedroom–Atleast 8 feet!

Then I hatched my plan–I want to refinish it similar to this one–

I’m going to have dad help me to refinish and weather the top to look similar to this one.  Then I’m going to chalk paint and distress it so that it fits in my rustic-ish bedroom.  I’ll put it along my one long wall and put hte TV on one end and then be able to hang a mirror on the other end and use it to get ready in the morning.

Knowing Jason, he’ll let me do what I want usually, but I also wanted to have supporting arguments–

  1.  It gets him out of hanging up the TV that I’ve been nagging him to do for over 1 year.
  2. It will provide a lot of storage as I’ll eventually be losing it as my sewing stuff is stored in the closet of the room that the baby will be inhabiting.
  3. Its a project that dad and I can work on together.
  4. It’s cheaper than if I would want to go to town and buy a brand new bedroom set–Or even just a dresser.
  5. Mom had the truck with her
  6. Sweeney’s is awesome at helping people load all of the goodies they buy!

So finally, it came down to the last 10 minutes of the auction and I had decided I was going to pay up to $200.00 for it.  Throughout the auction, mom and I had been sharing the same number.  I bid it up to $200.00 like I said I was going to and unbeknownst to me, mom then started bidding once I quit, but then I decided that I REALLY wanted it so I attempted to jump back in and mom caught me so that we didn’t end up bidding against each other.  I ended up paying $225.00 for it….or actually $200.00 and then mom paid the $25.00 which turned more into 30.00 something as she knew that I wasn’t going to let her pay me…so she snuck into the gas station and paid for my gas.

Needless to say, we both had a fantastic day!  Which then continued on to Mexican food for lunch, a quilt show, and the best part–Car ride conversations!  It was a day that I didn’t know I needed so badly, but I’m sure glad mom talked me into going and hanging out!

7 thoughts on “The Auction–Furniture Plans!”

  1. That sounds like you and your mom had a great day. And you do what I do before making a big purchase – go over the pros and cons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Any thoughts on the original purpose of the cabinet? It’s very unique. Please be sure to share your redo results with us.

    1. The cabinet was used in a Chicago NW railroad station somewhere. The gentleman whose things were being sold was a big time train collector….

  3. It’s a very interesting piece. From your descriptions, you have thought out this purchase and it will be put to good use. Nice you and Mom had a much needed day of R and R.

  4. What a great purchase & post Kelli! I love your vision for this wonderful cabinet! Would love to see picture of the finished product! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can’t wait to see the finished piece! Great auction fun with your mom and future fun refinishing with your dad! Your mom is a sweetie!

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