The Antique Show

On Sunday Hubby and I headed down to the UNI Dome in Cedar Falls for the annual spring antique show.  We enjoy going but never buy anything.  Everything there is pretty expensive.  There is just row after row of antiques.  When we get to a place like this the first thing we always do is make a plan of attach.  Which end we start with and whether we do both side of the aisle or just one side of the aisle is always part of the decisions.


If you were in the market for a spool cabinet, they had  MANY there.  All were over $350 and some closer to $600.  I want one someday but I’m loving the hunt more than actually laying out the money for it at this point.


Hubby and I loved lots of the many cabinets that we saw but luckily, nothing tempted us and in the end, we liked what we had at home best.



I loved this little display box but we have more formal antiques at our house.  I snapped a picture so I remembered to display quilts like this someday.


They had a Mrs. Beasley doll.  Oh I wanted one of those…I never got one.


I did get a Baby First Step though.  I remembered loving her because she skated.


I talked with the lady in the booth about the doll because I was relatively sure mine had red hair….I even came home and googled it.  I was right.  Mine looked more like this on the left.

I smiled when I saw this old swing.  I remember having one like it and swinging in it.  My dad hooked it up in the rafters of the alley of the barn.  Our cows were butt to butt with an alley in between so there was space to hang the swing.  He’d milk cows and we’d swing.  I loved it.  He’d sing to the radio while he milked cows.


Hubby asked me to take a picture of the peach crate stand shown below.  I love the ingenuity of people.  I am sure some family was tickled with the work of dad making a cupboard from the peach crates.


This sewing machine was gorgeous.  The cabinet was an absolute show piece.  It made me sad to leave it there but my pocket book is slim and so is space.


That was a sneak peek but not all of the picture I took.  I saved the best pictures, the quilt pictures for the next blog post.

3 thoughts on “The Antique Show”

  1. Jo, did your childhood Baby First Step doll have strawberry blond hair and come in a red & blue outfit with a white ruffle? Mine was Baby Step and she came with the red skates. I still have her but couldn’t find any pics of her on the internet to refer you to despite several searches.

  2. I grew up on a dairy farm too! My dad always had the radio on when he was milking but he whistled to the music. No swing in between the cows for us – he just put us up on top of a cow to ‘ride’ when we got a bit underfoot as we couldn’t get off the cow on our own.

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