The Aftermath

What a difference 24 hours make!!

Wednesday morning I woke to a river that was just barely sneaking out of it’s banks.  By Wednesday evening it was this…


Now this morning the river was back in it’s banks.  It’s almost like I dreamed it all.

Sadly it left this behind.flood-6


Lots of raking, cleaning and fixing….We drove the roads in the area.  Bridges are out.  Roads are damaged.

We did hear from one of the families that we know that had a house in the flooded area and she said that there was water in her basement but not the main floor.  At this point I guess that’s good news.  As we drove by they were working on the clean up already.  Out of respect to them, I didn’t take any pictures.  No one wants their personal pain out there for everyone to see.  It was a sad sight.

As I said yesterday, it’s hard knowing I can’t really physically help and around here.  To get the town back in order we need physical help.

The water is gone rushing to it’s next destination.  Towns down river are bracing for the water.  Sandbaggers have been called for as they work to protect their property.  At this point we’re hoping for no more rain.  We can go without for about two months.  We have had plenty, but alas, there’s rain in the upcoming forecast.  At this point it is not suppose to be record amounts but it makes us all nervous.  All summer long slim chances of rain have turned into 3″ shots of rain.  Here’s to hoping for calm weather.

As we sat and talked tonight about the events over the last two days all we both could think is, boy are we ever glad our house is one block further from the river…a block is enough to keep us dry.

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath”

  1. My heart goes out to those people affected by the flooding. Over the last few years, we have areas in the UK devastated by flood waters. There has been damage that I have never known in my entire 60+ years of life. Some towns have had damaged roads that have taken months to repair meaning detours of 40+ miles just to get the kids to school. It is something that seems to be happening more often now. My thoughts and prayers are with the folks affected in your part of the world. Thanks for your blog in keeping us up with your news.

  2. It appears that Elkader is really hit by this (as is Lawler and many other little towns). Our Spring Grove quilt group visited the “Backstitch Quilt Shop” (Elkader) in July…..a lovely little town! Prayer for all who are suffering through this event.

  3. I haven’t been on for a couple of days and didn’t realize that Waucoma got flooded! I had posted a note on FB’s message thing but hadn’t seen a response. I guess I don’t need one now as the question I asked was if the river there ever flooded. Glad you didn’t get any worse than you did!

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