The Adventures of Ruby..continued.

So just a day or so ago I told you about Ruby’s run from the convenience store….well here I go with chapter number two.

Just two short days after the convenience store run I had a slow day at childcare.  I had one home sick and one at the doctor and one at preschool so I only had two kiddos.  We ended up walking up to the bank and took my deposit in.  Then we made plans to go to the park.

Being we were going into the bank I decided not to take Ruby and she was mad.  As we walked away from the house she howled and howled.  As we went in the bank door three or so blocks away I could still hear her howling.

We went in, did my business and the bank ladies gave the kids a cookie.  Soon we were on our way to the park.  I was relieved that I didn’t hear Ruby howling anymore.  We crossed the bridge and got to the park when my little kiddo yelled, “RUBY”!!

WHAT?!?!  Yep.  There she was!

I was so confused.  How could she have gotten out?  She was kenneled in the kitchen.  She would have had to open the kennel door…get into the garage and get out the garage door.  I can imagine that I might not have gotten one door shut but two doors…I don’t think so.  Then I reasoned that maybe the front door or the back door didn’t get closed.  Regardless, here I was at the park with these two kids and a dog with no leash.  UGH.

How was I going to get Ruby home with no leash??

I ended up starting to walk….Ruby followed.  Thankfully we were only a block and a half from home at this point.

We made our way home and Ruby followed.  The closer we got the more worried I got trying to figure out how on earth Ruby escaped.  If she couldn’t stay in a kennel what were we going to do with her?!

As I walked up our driveway the garage doors were both open.  The pickup was out of the garage in the driveway.  This was weird.  I kind of felt uncomfortable.  Someone was at my house.

Music was on in the garage….why would Hubby be home I thought.  Who was here?

I came in the house and there was Kalissa….she was looking curiously at Ruby and was soon asking about Ruby.

It turns out Kalissa came home to work on her cabinet in the garage.  She had let Ruby out of the kennel so she could play with Betsy.  Somehow without Kalissa knowing Ruby got into the garage and escaped to find me and the kids.

…thankfully it was just that.  Thankfully she’s home where I hope she stays.  What can I say…that dog is really attached to me and the kids.  Hopefully that is the end of the adventures of Ruby at least for a little bit!

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  1. Look at that face. How could you possibly be sore at her? And she did follow you home. What a precious puppy! Thanks for the fun stories. =)

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