The $1 Machine

You might remember that in December I told you about giving our spare machine to my great niece.  (click here if you missed that story)  Well we were on the hunt for a new used machine.  We like to keep one here so Kelli doesn’t have to drag her machine back and forth when she comes to my house and sews.

We can find old Singer machines at the local thrift stores occasionally so we had our eyes open for one.  We’ve only been a couple times to look and amazingly, Kelli found one.  She happen to be at Goodwill on New Year’s Eve.  They were having a $1 sale.  Everything, for the most part, was $1.  Kelli saw this machine….

It was marked as $30…that’s typically what they charger for older machines…but Kelli wondered if it might be on the $1 sale.  She put the machine in the cart and went to the register to ask.  Yes, the machine was $1.  I did see in the photo that there is a chip out of the wheeel that turns to raise and lower the needle…but for $1..big deal.

I told Kelli to make the usual checks…is it froze, bobbin okay??  I could see it had a foot feed so that was okay.  I said okay…bring that $1 machine home and lets see how it works.

The machine is a 347-manufactured in 1967.

At first I was hopeful but not excited about it.  I figured out how to thread it.  I tried it…ugh.  Not good.  I played with the tension.  It was better.  I oiled it.  It was even better.  I put in a new needle and she was mine.  It’s a good machine that I am very happy with.

In fact, I gave up my favorite Pfaff for the day and let Kelli use it while I played with the $1 machine that Kelli has named Frannie (I can’t remember why).  That is a huge compliment to a machine for me to part with my Pfaff even for a day.  The only thing I wish was different is that it doesn’t glide over thicker seams as well as I my good machine but again…I still love the machine.

I told Kelli that I don’t think I’ll give this one away.  I’ve been known to give machines away as my children and nieces need them.  We’ll still keep our eyes open for another machine….I know there will be someone in our family that will likely want one before long.  Believe it or not, our youngest daughter Kalissa who has sworn off quilting said she’d like one….hmmmm.  Might I have another daughter who will sew??

4 thoughts on “The $1 Machine”

  1. I find I really enjoy reading about old sewing machines. It’s a good thing I don’t try to collect them! Quilts are beautiful, but it’s the machines I ooo! and aahb! over!

  2. I bought this machine in 1969 and it is still working good. I had to replace a belt once and the man told me it had a good motor. I call this machine my workhorse as it does sew nice. Doris

  3. I own one of those. I bought it second hand in college for $100. Replaced the stupid knob on the foot pedal with a more reasonable one. Recently had it serviced and the broken tension knob replaced. I loaned it out to a friend’s daughter who went to sewing camp. The counselors loved it because it was vintage. I’ve replaced it with a Bernina 830 (which is only about 10 years younger than my old machine). It’s a great basic machine. Trying adjusting the foot pressure if you’re having problems with thick seams. There’s a big screw up on the top that you twist to adjust foot pressure

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