That Wedding Quilt

I was hoping I would have that wedding quilt all finished and ready to show off….

But alas…That didn’t happen.  First off I didn’t get to the sewing room as soon as I anticipated…and second, I ran into a little problem.  Here is what kept me from getting to the sewing room….THE WEATHER!  We have gotten a lot of rain over the last few days.  At the farm Hubby said they had about 3.5″ in 18 hours!  To the north and to the south of us they have had it even worse with more rain.  Being Hubby is a fireman and part of their job in our small community is watching and observing the river levels as we live in a town that floods, he wanted to go out and survey what was going on.  I went with.

This is normally a small waterway that most people don’t even know exists…but here it is turned into a river.


More rain is in the forecast but the chances at this point aren’t super high so we’re hoping for small shots of rain or better yet, no rain at all for a week.

After the drive and stop for ice cream I headed up to the sewing room.  To the south of us the weather was bad and I had three of our kiddos in the path of severe weather including tornadoes.  Even though they are all grown, I still worry a bit about them….not that they can’t handle it, more so, that I don’t want them to have to handle a bad weather related situation.  It’s hard to concentrate on much when the weather man interrupts programming and tells me there’s a tornado headed towards the town where my kiddo lives.

I got the quilt loaded and ready to go and– ugh.  After I used the machine last, I had Hubby come up, take the plates off and cleaned the machine really well.  In the process a couple washers (from the screw) fell on the floor.  We thought we had them all but apparently we didn’t.  The thread cutter wouldn’t work.  Hubby came back and looked at the machine.  In a few short minutes I was back in business.

I had caught him dirty handed from the garage….

Finally I got going.  I took this picture of the first pass.  What do you think?


So far, I’m loving this….simple straight lines.  It was what this quilt needed.

I stayed up late and got up early but still didn’t finish.  I have one more pass to finish up -so like me, you’re going to have to wait to see the entire quilt.  This one is getting finished this weekend for sure.  I took a few days off over the 4th.  I’m hoping at least one of them is an uninterrupted sewing day.  I have the binding strips all cut and ready.  This is going to come to a finish and I hope to reveal it next Friday..and quilted, bound and finished…and I will have met my deadline!!

8 thoughts on “That Wedding Quilt”

  1. Love te quilting! It’s just what this quilt needed. Hope you don’t have any more rain or tornado scares.

  2. I live high on a hill and once, I had waterfront property! Very scary and I understand your fears for your kids too. As my mother once said, no matter how old your kids are, they are still your kids!
    Love that straight line quilting. I do it on my domestic but I bet it’s easier with a long arm.

  3. Send some rain back west. . .we are scarily dry! I also love the straight line quilting on that pattern, just perfect! I thought yesterday was going to be a sewing day, but alas, no machine time. Maybe next week. . .

  4. Hope you all you stay dry and safe, the weather can turn quickly. I really like the straight line quilting and cant wait to see it done.

  5. So far the severe weather has missed us….sometimes by just a few miles. One day this past week I saw on the radar map that your corner of Iowa looked like it might be getting lots of rain…or worse. Last night the storms went past us again, but Sioux City got some big hail and parts of Omaha got worse. Hubby’s cousin had two broken windshields at least and their son’s house had a broken window and various dents and dings. They posted pictures of baseball size hailstones. Seems like the weather gets crazier every year.

    Hope you get your sewing day in this weekend. Make up a nice big batch of something you both like to eat for that day so you don’t have to stop and fix meals. Whenever somebody gets hungry they heat up their own. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.I’m hoping to get one finished too. It’s already loaded on the machine and that’s the worst part for me….those pins draw blood every time. :) I keep saying I’m ordering a set of Red Snappers but keep procrastinating.

  6. Down here in Oskaloosa, Iowa, we have missed all the rains. We are dry and really need rain. Wish we could have shared some of yours with us. Love your quilt and the quilting. I have trouble doing straight line quilting on my longarm, but I don’t have any of the bells and whistles of the newer machines. Mine is an APQS from 1998, but it still works great. Many charity quilts and others have gone through it!

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