That Target Lamp

At Country Threads’ booth at Cincinnati, they had this lamp.

Time and time again, quilt show attendees would ask about the lamp…where Country Threads got it, etc.

Here’s the scoop.  The lamp came from Target.   It originally had a bright white lamp shade.  Mary Baker used a product called “Distress It”, which is an antiquing spray, and sprayed it on the lamp.  After the lamp dried, Mary took a pigma pen and made stitched like lines to create words around the shade bottom.  The glass of the lamp sits on a plate that can be lifted and items can be placed on the plate.  Mary put pincushions on the plate and then put the glass over the top.

I wish you could see it better because it truly is really neat. I have spent a little time perusing the house trying to figure out where I could put one as I really love the lamp but so far…no where to put one..UGH!

3 thoughts on “That Target Lamp”

  1. Janice Spitzer

    The lamp is out of stock on the Target website but you can Google it as the Hendrick lamp and find plenty other places to buy it even cheaper.

  2. Janice Spitzer

    Sorry…correction…Google the lamp as Hendrick table lamp. My mind forgets words quickers than I can switch over from my search to add it to the comment. Should have written it down.

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