That Shedding Problem….

When I’ve talked to you about Ruby lately, it’s included lots of health issues.  Well I think we’re on the upside of all of that.  Yahoo!  She seems a lot better and more like my normal happy dog.  For that, I am thankful.

While she was sick, I had blog readers wondering about why she wasn’t always in pictures of my finished quilts as typically the last picture I show when I reveal a finished quilt is a picture of Ruby on the quilt.


Well it had gotten to be that Ruby didn’t really care if she was on the quilt.  I couldn’t get her to “smile”.  It wasn’t something she enjoyed anymore.  Well that’s changed back to how it used to be.  She loved being on the quilts and now quickly runs to pose on them.

The problem I’m having with her…the shedding.  UGH.  Being I run an in home childcare business from my home, the shedding is a little more serious than in might be in a regular home.  I have kids crawling on the floor and climbing up on the couch.  Parents don’t want their kids’ clothing covered in dog hair and neither do I.   I complained about it on the blog and several people suggested a Furminator.  Well I didn’t jump on the idea right away.  I went to their website and the brushes were expensive.  The next day I ended up on Amazon and yet, they were on Amazon at about half the price.

When ordering I had to figure out the size of my dog and hair length of my dog.  They suggested this one for Ruby.


At first, Ruby didn’t love it….but then…this…

We did get quite a bit of hair.  We’d have gotten a lot more if we hadn’t been brushing her every night for the previous four days.  Over all, I think it’s a really good product especially now that it’s under $20 for the brush.

Thankfully Ruby has gotten so she doesn’t mind being brushed.  That’s a blessing.  At first every time I came near her with a brush, she peed.  Ugh….We’ve progressed beyond that!! Yahoo.  Sometime it’s the little things.

We’ll be back to the vet at some point to check out her thyroid levels but if how she’s acting is any indication of how she’s doing, she’s doing great!!

9 thoughts on “That Shedding Problem….”

  1. Jo,
    Loss of hair could be her thyroid med still needs adjusting. I am on synthroid for hypothyroidism and was loosing more hair than I thought normal for me so the DR. adjusted the medication. I don’t know if a dog would react the same way, just guessing.

  2. So happy to hear Ruby is feeling better! We worry so about our fur babies because they can’t really tell us what’s wrong. She looks like her happy self again!

  3. Jo, I am thinking about making your On the Bright Side quilt and was wondering what method you used to make those itty bitty flying geese. Did you paper piece them?

  4. So glad that Ruby is doing better! Our four legged family members are such an important part of our families, and when they are not feeling well, it is hard not to worry about them….like another commenter said, they cannot tell us how they feel, and I think that just adds to the worry… I know that is the case with our kitty…. Glad the brush seems to be working for you, and that Ruby has gotten used to being brushed… Our current kitty doesn’t shed much, but our previous kitty did….he wouldn’t let me brush him, but when my husband brought out the brush, Vinny would come running…he seemed to love it!!

  5. I’m so glad Ruby is back to her old self again. I hear you about the dog fur! I have a Yellow Lab/Jack Russell Terrier we adopted right before my husband passed away. It’s the first “indoor” dog I’ve ever had. Fur EVERYWHERE!! I’m going to have to try that Furminator, too. He’s a runner from a brush, but hopefully I can get him past it!

  6. So glad to read this! i hadn’t seen any postings on how Ruby was doing and i was so worried. Found myself skimming thru the newsletters looking at first for news about her.

    i have a yellow lab, Freckles, he is going to be four this July and he sheds all year round. i cannot keep the fur off my clothes or furniture. very frustrating but i love him to death. i also have the furminator which i bought thru amazon two years ago. it works well but he does not keep still for me to brush him with it. Because of our weather i have not used it for about three weeks and its driving me nuts. i usually do this outside because he does not keep still but i will have to do it in the house and just clean up afterwards. it does help with the fur.

    so glad Ruby is better, i will be looking for further updates, and i love this blog/newsletter. great work!

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