That Scrap Box

A long time ago…like in 2016 a box came in the mail for C. Regan in Minnesota.  I think that’s Cheryl….  Well the box was filled with the best scraps….lots were Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Well at the time I set the box aside thinking that I would find the perfect project and then sort and cut as I worked with the scraps.

Well if you’ve been watching you might have noticed that I’ve not finished a quilt for my grand daughter Lucy.  I’ve started two and didn’t like either one.  She’s my grand daughter and I want something I love for her.  That lead me to this box.

I started sorting.  You will never believe what I came up with all out of one box.

I’ll admit to getting sidetracked on this….It’s a Minnesota batik.  I was born and raised in Minnesota in the south central area.

From the box I sorted out 153  3 1/2″ squares.  These are what Lucy’s quilt be made of.Pattern and idea for that to be revealed at a later date.

I cut 149 2 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ rectangles.  I am going to save them and make TWO our Stacking Bricks Baby Quilts.  (Free pattern here)It’s a simple quilt that looks like this…..

There were also a lot of these solid colored scraps.  These I also cut into the same sized rectangles.  I was short and didn’t quite have enough.  I was about four short.  I decided to raid my stash and see what I could find.

I found this which was PERFECT.  The fabric is possibly and organic cotton or a color muslin.  It’s a little more grainy.
Notice the piece was a thrift store find.

I ended up cutting enough of it for the border and binding and also found a muslin remnant and cut the background.  I’m going to but this by the sewing machine and might leader and ender it.  It’s so nice to have this ready if I find out a baby is on the way.
This little pastry container is perfect for holding it.

In the mix of fabrics I also found some for white string bucket…some jewel tone scraps..bright and batik scraps.  I keep all these stored separately.  I trimmed up a nice little tote of scraps.  I’ve always wanted to make a Scrap Vortex quilt like the ones Crazy Mom Quilts makes.  (Link here)There were batiks which I cut into strings.  I NEED batik strings so this was perfect timing.
I really want to keep track of this little box and see all the good things that were made from it.  I’m THRILLED to have a couple baby quilts ready to sew.

I LOVE and adore scrap boxes like this…It’s so much fun to sort and pet.  Most people would throw a lot of this away.  Not me.  It’s as good as gold.  So many of these scraps were left overs from jelly rolls and perfect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the box of fun….honestly, better than Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

8 thoughts on “That Scrap Box”

  1. I noticed your ironing board cover. Could you do a tutorial on making a new cover? I know it should be easy but I need a little direction.

    1. This one Connie made for me and gifted it to me….she was SUPER thoughtful. I’ll ask if she has a pattern or what she does.

  2. When I get home, I’ll send another box as I have more kaffe scraps. I’ve been tempted to attempt a string quilt but I’m a lazy quilter. So happy that someone would use these. I am cutting out an all grunge quilt so will send along all those strings as well. Expect around mid April.

  3. Just curious, what are you going to do with the 2 you started but didn’t like? I need some purging help, because I keep stuff like that and I think maybe I will like it later and finish it then.

  4. Lorraine bujnowski

    I, as well, love scraps! So fun to see other people’s scraps! One person’s scraps are another person’s treasure.. Lucky for you to have received them. I know you will put them to good use.

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