That Junk Sale

You might remember me telling you about a junk sale I always go to.  There is a pair of sisters who host a junk sale at their place a couple of times a year.  You might remember me redoing my sewing room with a few pieces of “junk” I bought from them.  If you missed my sewing room tour, you can find that HERE.

This dresser houses my batik fabrics.  I painted this dresser and Karl cleaned the handles.

The piece hanging on the wall I bought from them and Craig helped me hang it.

This metal cabinet in the corner also came from one of their sales.

Prices are reasonable at the sale, it’s close and I’ve never regretted going so when I see they have a sale coming up, I always try to go.

I’ll give you a little preview of the pictures I saw on their Facebook page promoting the sale…
The cabinet below made my heart go pitter pat.  I loved it.

If I could figure out a place to put the cabinet below…oh, so tempting, even if I don’t have a place to put it.  Seriously, I love it.

I spent a couple of days trying to figure out where I could possibly put this milliner’s table.  The drawers went the full width of the table and could be pulled from either direction.  It was so cool.

These are my very favorite types of sales.  So I went…

This was a piece that I had seen in the preview.  I really liked it.  I wanted it for my garage to set up an island out there for sorting and managing the mail that comes in.  I could have open baskets on the left.  YEP.  I liked it.  The problem was that there was a back on the counter and I didn’t know if I could make that work the way I wanted.  I ended up not getting it.  Part of me is still kicking myself.  I really could use a mail sorting station in my garage.  I’d like to get all of that off of my dining room table!!

Here are a few other things I saw there…

Can you believe this HUGE mum was only $17?

Little boxes always get my attention…so do stools.

So do things with drawers.

Another pretty mum that was for sale…

So what did I purchase??  Goodness knows I must purchase something!!  Cabinet, Milliner’s Table…

Nope.  Sorry, it’s not that exciting…  I purchase these two pieces.

The one on the left has a lid.  The one on the right I really loved.  I am going to do a little fixing on both of these.  They could use a little updo.  It will be Restore a Finish to the rescue.  If all goes well I’ll work on these this weekend.

I’ll get some better pictures of them then too.  I plan to use them to display some cross-stitch pillows like some use a dough bowl.

I also got the little beagle figurine you see below.  How could I not?  It was only $2.

The gals are hosting one more sale this year.  They do Christmas open house.  They have some of their regular stuff but also lots of vintage Christmas things too.  It’s a fun sale.  I’m sure I’ll go to that one too.

It was the close get away for an hour or two event that I needed and I got some good stuff too!!

16 thoughts on “That Junk Sale”

  1. Why don’t you contact them and see if the mail sorter table sold I am sure one of the boys could help you get the back off,and the ladies would probably be happy to move it on anyway.

  2. The side board in the 2nd preview picture is just like the one my Grandma had. Brings back memories. It was fun looking at the pictures.

  3. I like that kind of junk. The milliner’s table is so cool. Those dressers oh how I would like to have any of them plus the kitchen cabinets. Although I haven’t got room for them., oh we I enjoyed the pictures.

  4. Apologies if you’ve put this on your blog before – where is this sale? I’m not on FB so can’t get to their page. They do have some nice things, I’d love to get up there and check it out. I have a couple of handled trays, one sits by the sewing machine coralling scissors, pincushions, etc. Love the beagle figurine you got.

  5. The little beagle is adorable!!! I would go broke if I went to a sale like that, those are some awesome pieces! We have some good auctions in my area (central Texas), and I have made some good buys (quite a few really good things in my house for $5), but I love the thrill of the hunt. I hope you find an even better mail sorting station in the near future!

  6. Did anyone else see the creepy doll heads in the cabinet? And the extras on the side? Was that for Halloween decorations or ???

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