That DOVE Ad

There’s an auction happening here on the blog.  You can see what is available and bid here.

I have been getting reports about a “Dove ad” messing with the blog.  We are on it and trying to fix it.  Fixing isn’t as easy as a push of the button.  Please be patient.  I have heard that people viewing via their phone are not having the problem.  It’s super frustrating for me as I’ve yet to see the ad personally.  If anyone does get it and know how to take a send a screen shot of it, please do.  You can send it to my email at  THANKS.

10 thoughts on “That DOVE Ad”

  1. I got the Dove ad on my desk computer, but on my phone it kept scrolling backwards to parts I had already read. I never was able to read the whole post on either, I kind of pieced it together out of many attempts. Yea, that Dove ad was nasty. Large and over top of everything. Good luck figuring it out, not something I’d want to attempt! Hugs, Janine Baker

  2. I had that happen to me not too long ago. I also was not able to read the whole post. I thought I must accidentally be clicking on something that was sending me back to the beginning but didn’t know what.

  3. Joanne Johnston

    I just viewed it on Firefox, Chrome and Safari on a desktop Mac. I can see a Dove ad on the far right on both Firefox and Safari but it doesn’t interfere with anything. I don’t even see it on the right with Chrome. Isn’t that odd? And when I read your post, I was thinking Dove soap. I am seeing Dove chocolate in case that is the wrong Dove!

  4. I can’t read your blog on my ipad, too many ads but I have an ad block on my home computer so I don’t get any ads. Right now it is telling me it is blocking 9 advertisements, sometimes it’s even more.

    I don’t know why some blogs have that problem and others don’t. Good luck figuring it out.

  5. i have not had the dove ad on my laptop but i run an ad block app and it is enabled for this site. i think its abp ads block plus if anyone is interested, its a free app. i do not read this on my phone so cannot help with that.

  6. I was able to email you 3 pictures of the Dove ad being a issue, hope it helps. Today its way over on the side of the screen but there is no way to click on it either. I try to click a few adds each day to help out with the cost of the blog. Good luck with the auction, some really nice items up for grab.

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