That Baby Quilt

All week long I’ve been trying to find time in the evening to tackle this baby quilt on the frame.  I had good intentions of doing in Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night…but friends came over and the kids came over…and, and, and.

The baby shower for the baby who is receiving this is this Sunday.  I had hoped to get it in the mail as I’m not going to make it to the shower.  If it doesn’t get quilted, it doesn’t get in the mail.  So I was up early in the morning.  I got up early thinking I would quick shower get ready and start the quilt.  I knew I wouldn’t get it done before I had to start working but hoped I might be able to put two bobbins worth of thread into it.  Off I went….

Everything was going great until I loaded the third bobbin…yep.  I pushed my luck with that third bobbin.


The tension on the back wasn’t right.  Did I stop right away..NO!  I ripped for a bit but had to go down to greet my work day.  Once it’s over I’ll be back to ripping.  I think 10 minutes and I’ll be going again.  I am hoping this can get bound yet tonight too.

Cheer me on from afar!!  Go – Jo – GO!!

That baby quilt needs to get in tomorrow’s mail!

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  1. You can do it! I procrastinated working on a quilt for a baby shower myself. Today is the shower and as of yesterday morning I had not even cut the quilt out. Lukily, I was able to do everything but sew the binding down yesterday. I will get that done once I take my son to school.

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