That Annoying Beep!

About a month ago Ruby started freaking out when she was upstairs.  It took me a week but I finally figured out why.  Periodically there was a a tiny beep sound.  Ruby HATES unknown noises.  So I tried to look for the source.

I came to the conclusion that is was on Hubby’s side of the bed.  I checked everything that I knew to check…no luck.  The beep was barely noticeable so a couple night later I finally remembered to tell Hubby about it and asked that he help me find the source.  He could barely hear it.  He rolled his eyes and said not tonight.   Then he said a couple other things about Ruby being a whimp (which she is).

I didn’t want to bother him about it so Kelli was home one day and I asked her to help me find the beeping.  She thought it was Hubby’s pager but it turned out it wasn’t.  We couldn’t find the source.  It was so faint…I finally gave up on it then a couple days ago it started being louder and I knew I wasn’t imaging it.  I started to think it was a smoke detector.  I checked ALL of the alarms upstairs….nope.  UGH.  FRUSTRATED!!

Finally I decided no more.  This was the end.  I was finding the source no matter what.

I started to tear Hubby’s side of the bed apart.  I took out his CPAP machine …..


I took out his THREE pager chargers….TWO phones and TWO alarm clocks.  I thought I had found the source a couple times but just as I was ready to do the happy dance, the beep sounded off.  UGH!!!!  I almost started thinking that I had imagined it.  Just then….BEEP!  AH>>>>>>


I looked under the bed…nothing.

I started going through his night stand….first drawer…nothing.

Second drawer….THIS!!!smoke-alarm-4

WHAT???  A smoke alarm.  What in the heck is a smoke alarm doing IN his night stand.  UGH.  I wasn’t going crazy.  The thing beeped.

I took that battery out… no more beeping.  I was so thankful I found the source.  SERIOUSLY, this was driving me crazy and the problem, I wouldn’t remember it during the day.  The beep was so faint I didn’t hear it unless I was in our bedroom…Once I laid down to go to sleep, I heard it.  Who wants to get up then?  Not me.  Not Hubby…..


We were talking and trying to figure out WHY there was a smoke alarm in his drawer.  The conclusion is that it got put in the drawer when we moved.  WOW…that’s one heck of a battery.  We moved January of 2015.  Oh my.  I’m not crazy…there was a beeping and the beeping is over.  YAHOO!!

…and now as I’m writing this blog post at 9pm at night I just remembered that I didn’t put all the phones, alarm clocks and CPAP machine back…oh ugh.  This saga still isn’t over!!

10 thoughts on “That Annoying Beep!”

  1. My hubby was away on a business trip when I heard beeping in our bedroom. It was loud enough to keep me up all night and it wasn’t any smoke alarms I could get to. Turned out it was a smoke alarm in the tiny attic above our bedroom where the HVAC for the addition is. You access it by a hole in the closet ceiling and I don’t climb like that. Of course it happened while himself was away!

  2. This happened when my husband was out of town, too. We have a townhouse, how hard could it be to figure out which of the two smoke detectors it was? Picture me trudging up and down the stairs (3 levels) with a ladder so I could reach the things. I’d get there and then hear the beep and it was obviously not where I was. I ran back and forth three times before I somehow realized it was our CO detector. Grabbed that thing out of the wall and sure enough it read ‘low bat’. OK, I’ll just pull the battery and get one tomorrow since it was late in the evening. It kept beeping! Somehow, it stores reserve power in it without the battery or wall power. (sigh) Fortunately, the grocery was still open so I could get a new battery for it and still that dreadful beeping. These things always happen when he’s out of town.

  3. I remember one night I kept hearing a low beeping sound. I searched everywhere upstairs and couldn’t find it. My husband was downstairs watching TV and I asked him if he heard that beeping sound. Nope. Well I could hear it even better down there, but he wouldn’t admit to hearing anything. Turns out he was watching some show with guys working on cars or motorcycles or something and every time they said a bad word it got bleeped. They said a LOT of bad words!

  4. A couple of weeks ago our smoke alarm started to do the beep but I thought well will wait till DH gets home. A little while later I found our dog backed up against the door in the kitchen and figured out that sound REALLY bothered her. So out came the small ladder and up I went! We changed all the batteries the next day, don’t want my poor dog to suffer like that again.

  5. I went out to get my paper from the driveway and heard beeping from my neighbor’s home. I pounded on the door and no answer. I ran across the street to her brother’s home and he ran over with his key. About that time she came to the door. She had put up new detectors and the old ones in the garbage can had started making noise. We were so glad she was okay.

  6. My dog goes crazy with the smoke alarm too, and it is annoying to find which one it is that is making the noise, since it is an intermittent sound. I can imagine it would be much harder when the alarm is in an unexpected place and in drawer. Good for you for persisting and finding it!

  7. We had one of those annoying beeps several months ago. Exhaustive searches over a week period finally located the culprit. It was a stud finder in my husband’s tool area of the sun room. The button had wedged against something else and had turned itself on. We are laughing over this now though it sure wasn’t funny at the time.

  8. My husband and I kept hearing what can only be described as a dog whimpering. We would walk around the house looking for it to no avail. This went on for months and months. Then finally I was driving to the grocery store and heard “the noise”. It was my flip phone asking for electricity. I really didn’t use it much and had never had it beep at me. Mystery solved.

  9. We had a similar problem last year. I replaced all the batteries in our smoke detectors. The beeping waa still there. It ended up being the carbon monoixde detector sitting on the table in the hallway. It showed a low battery, but the beeping sounded like it waa coming from the ceiling.

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