Thanksgiving with the Kramers

I told you I had all the kids planning on being here with all the grandkids for Thanksgiving. That didn’t quite work as planned. Anders, my youngest grandson, picked up a flu bug at childcare so Kalissa and her family weren’t here on Thursday. We ended up swapping food at one point. Kalissa ran over part of the turkey Craig smoked and some green bean casserole. Later I ran over ham and other goodies to them.

We missed them but still managed to have a good time.

For all of you who wish you had a big family and you all could get together. I want to warn you. They come with all of this….and more! This is my backdoor. They all come in and drop. I ended up coming up with two other places for others to dump their stuff so this picture is far from all of it. HA!

Kayla knew Georgia would be coming and knew she’d likely have a horse shirt so Kayla wore a horse shirt so she could match Georgia. Georgia was so happy. Here they are posing with their horse shirts.

Uncle Karl was the jungle gym of the day. The kids all love it when he puts them on his shoulders. Karl will play a board game and have a kid sitting on his shoulders. It’s Lilly on the left and Lucy on the right. P.S. Karl beat me playing Patchwork.

Karl is also the guy who gives upside down hugs. Georgie is on the left…Scottie on the right. Scotty is SO-SO ticklish. He can’t stop laughing!! So fun!!

Georgie and Jasper started making a zoo set up with my Duplos.

Later Lucy finished it. Emmett is with her.

Georgie spent a lot of time loving up on Spot, Buck’s dog. They had to put their dog to sleep a couple of months ago and she is a real animal lover. She spent a lot of time with the dogs.

Auntie Kayla was the hair braider. Here the girls are checking out their hair in the mirror.

I told you Buck has a new girlfriend. We all call her Fergie. She’s super sweet and is great with the kids. She brought one of those coloring tablecloths. It was a hit. Even the adults were coloring.

Here she is reading a book to Lilly…Buck is in the background looking on.

Later in the day, Lucy asked me it I was going to stitch. She loves pulling the needle for me.

I ended up going and getting the box with yarn, embroidery hoops, plastic needles, and burlap out. Kayla helped get the kids set up and stitching. You can find the needles HERE.

We put the burlap in the hoop and then have the kids use plastic needles and yarn to stitch with. It’s great for them and a good way to do entry-level kids’ stitching. Lucy LOVED it. Kayla drew an “L” on the burlap and Lucy outlined it going up and down.

Here is Scotty showing off his house and Lucy showing off her “L”. Later in the day Lucy came to me and said, “Let’s sit down and stitch again.” What grandma can refuse that offer??

The annual chess tournament happened. Spencer who has won a couple of years in a row lost in the first round to Karl. Buck lost to Karl and I won beating out Karl so I am the chess champion of Thanksgiving 2023. Whoot, WHOOT!!

We had things going on Friday and I’ll tell you all about that in another blog post tomorrow. I did find this when I was cleaning up. It’s the table cloth and on it were writing prompts. It said, “Thankful for:____”. I noticed someone with kid handwriting wrote in Fergy.

I guess I’d have to agree. Fergie was such a help over the busy days. She is wonderful and super helpful in the kitchen not minding rolling up her sleeves and pitching in. It feels like she’s been in the family for forever. I love that!!

No pictures of Kelli in the bunch or of Jason her husband. They were here just didn’t make the pictures. They did leave right after we ate. They had to get to the other side of the family. Such is Thanksgiving!

We had all the typical Thanksgiving fun…ate way too much food…laughed a whole bunch. It was a good day. As I said, I’ll tell you more in tomorrow’s post like…how the family pictures went and whose birthday we celebrated. The fun continued on…

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with the Kramers”

  1. I see your family playing games. Was thinking of getting a couple of the “Ticket to Ride” games for my grandkids who are probably old enough now to play. Is there a site to go to where you get some credit for an order??

  2. So much fun with family! It is fun for me to see pictures of all the growing grands, but missed Carver and Gannon, such a bummer for them to miss, but this is part of life. I like the stitching that they were doing. I am looking forward to the “rest of the story.”

  3. Oh I want to join your family next year for Thanksgiving! Your family had so much fun, I,loved reading about it. Our family has scattered so much and I just can’t get I to holidays with all of them! We did go to our Grandson’s where our daughter cooked. Grandson, Cody’s wife is an RN and works part time so it’s work for her. They have a 3 years daughter and a four month old daughter that was teething and not enjoying it one bit. She screamed for at least the first thirty minutes! But then took a fifteen minute nap and was happy again! Lolo

  4. Looks like a great Thanksgiving. We had our kids and their families here and my parents. So 14 in our small house. We also celebrated our grandchildren’s birthdays. Three the end of November and one the beginning of December. They are ages 1, 4, 5 and 7. It got wild but we enjoy it. Thanksgiving leftovers are the best.

  5. thank you for sharing. It is like going back to the Thanksgivings of my childhood to be truthful. Recently saw a note saying that things are not the same at holidays and other family get togethers because the folks who kept things glued together are no longer with us. Sadly that is too too true for my family plus growing up in a very small village in the midwest usually means employment sends the younger generations to other areas for employment. It is sad but with Facebook there is a way to keep in touch without having to write a zillion letters every week.

  6. It looks like everyone had a great time! That is wonderful. I loved seeing the littles doing their stitching and the finished projects. Hugs,

  7. What a great time you all had! It sounds like the get-togethers we had with family when my daughter was growing up. I love the stitching that the children did, and those tablecloths are a brilliant idea – we used to use them!

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