Thanksgiving with Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I so hope you all did too….

It’s always sad that Lora can’t make it.  She’s a manager at a big box store and Thanksgiving sales must happen so she can’t make it on Thanksgiving.  We’ve thought about moving our celebration day but then that runs in to a lot of problems with “in laws” for the other kids.  We’ve decided to keep it the day it is….

We were glad this little girl, our grand daughter Lucy, is finally handling a car ride a little bit better.  She’s almost one now.

Big brother Scotty was here and so was Carver.
Of course the kiddos stole all the picture taking moments.  Here Lucy is meeting Ruby.

Grandma did have to read books.
It’s funny that Kalissa always goes on and on about Lucy’s pretty blue eyes.  She has the exact same color.  My dad had blue eyes but Hubby does too.

Here’s me with the grandkids…..It’s hard to believe that next year we’ll have two more here.  They won’t all be able to fit on my lap!!Some game playing did happen.  Karl loves chess and we all like playing along.  I think Spencer, Kayla’s husband, ended up being the champ.

Here’s Kayla with Scotty and Carver.
Auntie Kayla gave Lucy her first French braid.  What a cutie.  It’s didn’t stay in long as her hair is so fine.  I’m sure it’s the first of MANY braiding sessions.

The boys play WONDERFULLY together.  It’s so easy to have them here.

Lucy was a bit of a “daddy’s girl” when she was here.  She preferred Dad over anyone else.  Here she’s giving Craig the look, checking out if it’s her dad or not.  All the men here have some kind of facial hair.  It’s hard to see past it and know if it’s her daddy.

Here Lucy is with a napping Uncle Karl.
Of course…we did try to get the little boys to like cards.  Here they are on Kelli’s lap.

I happen to be playing one round.  I stopped and got my camera out to take a picture of my hand…everyone at the table groaned.  They knew if I was taking a picture it would be because I had an awesome hand…and I did.  For any of you 500 players.  Check out this hand!!
I had an EXCELLENT day.  It was so good to have the kids home.  Of course we forgot to get a good family picture or one with Hubby and the grandkids.  Having too much fun to remember to take a picture is a good thing though.

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  1. I love the photo with Lucy and Carl where she has her finger on the side of her chin. It looks like she saying should I wake him or not? So adorable. You have a wonderful family.

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