Thanksgiving 2013

We had a nice Thanksgiving…all the kids were home.  Anytime when they are all home it’s nice.  Here’s a few pictures of Thanksgiving happenings at the Kramer house….

The food!!

On the menu-smoked turkey, ham, pickles and olives, layer lettuce salad, green beans with bacon and onions, buns, stuffing, squash, creamed peas and pumpkin and cherry pie.  The girls brought a wild rice dish, buns, pickled beets, mandarin orange salad and cowboy caviar….way too much!!  The house was tight this year…let’s just say I really hope we’ll be in the new house next year.

Hubby just discovered that we forgot to put the pickled herring on the table…oh, more for us I guess.

The kids were busy entertaining themselves…playing chess, watching television and here they are winding yarn with the yarn winder from Ila.  This actually kept them entertained for awhile.


Dixie found a cream cheese wrapped that was dropped on the floor.


Ruby found a snuggly spot on the couch.


Me..I spent much of the day at one end of the kitchen or the other…it’s so tight, it’s hard for me to get from one end to the other with all the kids home.

Thankfully they all pitched in we enjoyed another day together.  I am so thankful that we get a chance to stop everything now and then to take time to reconnect….now I’m off to have a piece of pumpkin pie and ice cream.  Thankfully I won’t be cooking for a couple days….leftovers are my friend!!

The kids are home now and Hubby cleaned the kitchen.  I’m off to finish up the chimney and cornerstone blocks for Smith Mountain Morning.  I want them finished before the new mystery starts!!  Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all. Lovley to see Dixie laying on what looks like my favourite of all your quilts, Chain of Faith,

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